The latest from the open science community

Last week we held our last community call of the year. Once again, we pushed the limits of conference call technology, maxing out the line and the etherpad. Thanks again to all who joined us in the discussion.

We’ll be unpacking the content from the calls into a series of blog posts this week, starting with something we at the Foundation call our “non-verbal updates”. This is a space on the Etherpad shared notepad where, separate from the call agenda, community members can write about ideas they’re chewing on, new projects, blog posts of interest to the community, or whatever else they care to share.

Here’s a look at what was shared on the last call. Many thanks to all who contributed!

Upcoming events

  • From Francois Grey and Darlene Cavalier: Following up on last month’s call re: badging for citizen science and creating an ID management system, we’ll be hosting a stakeholders’ workshop at the Citizen Cyberscience Summit February 20-22 in London.
  • Citizen Science hackathon in Madrid, Spain with Francois Grey (Citizen Cyberscience Centre), Shannon Dosemagen (Public Labs), Fermín Serrano (Ibercivis Foundation) and Daniel Lombraña (Crowdcrafting) summary post

Announcements and Updates

Awards and Recognition

Tools and Projects

Communities that could use your input

Other links of interest

You can view the call etherpad in its entirety here. Have something you’d like to share with the community not listed above? Ping us on Twitter @MozillaScience or use the hashtag #MozScience.

And stay tuned for more on our next community call on January 9, 2014. We hope you’ll join us.