Welcoming Aurelia Moser to the team!

Today we welcome Aurelia Moser back to Mozilla as our new Community Lead, where she’ll be focusing on mentorship and contributor networks for the Science Lab (the Fellows, Study Group and project leads), as well as across the Foundation. Aurelia is a friend to Mozilla, having participated in a number of Mozilla programs, from the Hive NYC network and Mozilla Festival to being a 2014 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow.

Her work will not only support the Science Lab’s network of contributors but also explore connections across the Mozilla network, as part of our increased focus on leadership development and community across programs.

More about Aurelia:

Aurelia is a web developer and scientist building communities around code. Her past work at CartoDB, Ushahidi + Internews Kenya, creative tech agencies in New York and academic/art labs in the Midwest built a background that can probably best be described as varied and a bit of a departure from her formal education. Academically, she studied art and chemistry and wrote her grad thesis on preserving/restoring born digital art projects which brought her progressively closer to code and communication on the open web.

She’s dabbled in the library world as a preservation lab tech, in the journalism world as a former Mozilla OpenNews fellow, in the education and advocacy world as a chapter leader for Girl Develop It and a programming professor at Parson’s Journalism school, and in the creative tech space as a tinkerer, a data viz artist, and a generally hungry human for intellectual calisthenics and development.

Outside of professional pursuits, she likes contributing to small collaborative programs with friends like Biononymous, the Recompiler, and her semantic web-themed radio show, Stereo Semantics. She gives talks to support all of these side-projects under the umbrella of creative inquiry and experimentation, and sometimes in the names of music, sensor networks, stylesheetstime travel, and privacy/security art.  You can find her @auremoser on twitter, auremoser on GitHub or via her infrequently updated website: http://algorhyth.ms/.

Please join me in welcoming Aurelia (back) to Mozilla!