We’re Hiring!

The Mozilla Science Lab is very pleased to announce that applications are now open for three new staff positions – a Data Training Program Lead, a Training Lead, and a Curriculum Designer.

Data Training Program Lead

Open data is poised to make a tremendous positive impact on how we do research, but many questions still remain on how best to maximize this effect, and on how researchers can get started using and producing open data as part of their standard toolkit in the lab. The Data Training Program Lead will have the opportunity to explore questions around open data concerning discovery and metadata, reuse, analysis and data preservation, and will focus on building innovative teaching & learning strategies to help early career researchers get up to speed on data discovery, management, and sharing with a focus on the open, participatory practice that Mozilla believes will enhance and empower science on the web.

Training Lead

For the past year, the Science Lab’s education efforts have focused on short starter events, like workshops and coding sprints. While these events are great launchpads for building interest and getting started on the skills and best practices for enabling open research, it takes sustained practice and engagement to become fluent in the wide array of ideas necessary for doing science effectively in the open. The Training Lead will be responsible for crafting and launching the Science Lab’s flagship initiative to enable leaders in the open science community by scaffolding this learning over the long term, with ideas based both on the study groups, meetups and code and lesson sprints we’ve been iterating on, as well as on brand new strategies the Training Lead will bring to the table, with an aim to foster more champions of open practice in traditional research settings.

Curriculum Designer

In order to reach as broad an audience as possible, and in order to deliver on the very wide range of skills needed for practicing research in the open effectively, the Science Lab wants to diversify both the content of the curriculum it offers and supports, and the form it takes. The Curriculum Designer will work closely with the other two training leads to not only build curriculum on a wide range of topics, but innovate on the curriculum model itself to create resources flexible and remixable enough to support participation from many styles and scales of learning, from individual learners, to small, conversational study groups, all the way to larger and more conventional workshop style delivery. This role will lead resource design and program support to create a clearer, more achievable path for researchers to become open practitioners, with materials targeting the computational, data, and collaboration skills they need to succeed and work together in the open.

Education at the Science Lab

The Science Lab’s education initiatives to date have focused on starting communities of practice & collaboration around the tools and techniques that allow openness to amplify research – from building basic coding literacy together with Software Carpentry, to encouraging skill-sharing and communication in grass-roots Study Groups, to our remixable teaching kits on Code Review & Usability Testing, to our support for hands-on learning and engagement at Collaborate, we are building a model of education driven by being inclusive, participatory, collaborative, and interdisciplinary. If this vision of skill-building among a community of researchers and peers resonates with you, then I strongly encourage you to apply; further details for the Data Training Program Lead, Training Lead, and Curriculum Designer are available on the Mozilla hiring portal, where you can also submit your application for each. As always – I hope you’ll join us.