What’s the Highest Average Gift By Channel?

In our latest You Be the Fundraiser Poll we asked “During the campaign, which donors give the most, on average?” Here are the poll results:

By a nose, the winner by votes was “Homepage donors” — and that is correct (at least according to data so far during the campaign).

Here are donation averages for all three channels:

#1 – Homepage:  $25.70

#2 – Social network:  $21.43

#3 – Snippet:  $9.50

Generally people who give through any organization’s homepage link are actively seeking out the opportunity to donate. They’ll have a higher “drive to give” and usually are more familiar with the organization. The snippet is seen primarily by the millions of people who use the Firefox browser, but who may not know Mozilla that well. We have seen some outlier gifts through the snippet – $100 and higher – but generally donations from this group are understandably more modest.