Jetpack tests unhidden on the try servers!

Finally the tests of the Add-on SDK will be unhidden on try servers! It’s good for us since we don’t have to check all the time which patch broke our tests, and it’s good for everyone, since we will have more tests. But it also comes with some pain since, everyone will have to learn a bit about our tests, and since at the moment landing anything in the Add-on SDK part of m-c is not straight forward (see below). I expect some annoyance, and I do my best to help to ease some of it, and make this transition period as smooth as it can be. Here is a start (not much for now, but I plan to add more stuff to this and extend it to a FAQ maybe)

Running the tests:

Start here: Our awesome test guide.
TL;DR : if a simple ./mach jetpack-tests is not enough try this:
If you want to specify a single test to run you have to use cfx. For cfx you have to specify the firefox binary manually you want to run the test against. Here is a typical use case:
1, go the the addon-sdk/source dir
2. run: bin/cfx testall –binary ../../obj/dist/bin/firefox.exe –filter test_dom
–binary [path to your firefox executable you want to test]
–filter [if a tests filename does not contain this string it will not be run]

All of a sudden timeout!

There are some timers set up in the test runner that kills the process after a while, which can make debugging frustrating. To optionally turn them off I just filed a bug.

Let’s change some tests!

So you want to change something in the SDK code. Since the SDK is a GitHub based project and has got into the Mozilla central only recently, the current process what we have is not the best. The development of the SDK is still on GitHub, and we merge in the changes every now and then into the Mozilla central repository. Possibly/likely overwriting your changes on it, if we are not aware of them. So if it’s something tiny, like a minor change in some tests, just let us know, or file a bug about it. If you want to make some real contribution to the SDK or land bigger changes you should do that on GitHub. WARNING: Pushing your changes to m-c without warning us will likely
result in your changes being overwritten.


So you have questions. Feel free to hit us up on IRC in the #jetpack room. Gozala is the project leader, but you can also ask Ochameau, ZER0, wbamberg, Mossop, KWierso, canuckistani, erikvold, jsantell.
And there is Eddy (ejpbruel) and me (gabor) who are the C++ developers of the team and working on the platform code mainly but always happy to help out others (or die trying), you can try us too.

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