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Jetpack tests unhidden on the try servers!

Finally the tests of the Add-on SDK will be unhidden on try servers! It’s good for us since we don’t have to check all the time which patch broke our tests, and it’s good for everyone, since we will have more tests. But it also comes with some pain since, everyone will have to learn… Read more

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Security wrappers and Add-on development

Importance of security One of the most important benefits of developing an add-on instead of a regular website is the extra privileges that you can get. What most people don’t consider is that power always comes with responsibility. It’s difficult to decide how much freedom an add-on developer should have. I think the best answer:… Read more

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Security wrappers, part 1: Basics

When I joined the Jetpack team half a year ago, the first bugs I started to work on were related to security wrappers and reflectors. I have to admit that I have never ever in my life had a more challenging start at a new company than this. Soon I discovered that xpconnect is about… Read more

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