A chat with Egor Kuryanovich, Far7’s creator

Wondering what the previous winners of Game On are doing? This week we were thrilled to chat with Egor Kuryanovich, creator of Far7 who won the Best Technology Award in the 2010 Game On. Check out what he had to say about web games and the competition and make sure to play his game!


Tell us  a little bit about yourself, how did you start making games? what make you want to participate in the last game on?

My name is Egor Kuryanovich. I am 26 years old. I live in Minsk, Belarus. At the moment, I am the full-time CTO for FAR7. I started my career in the seventh grade by creating a simple quest in Visual Basic. The program was really simple, but it was a game I created on my own and I really enjoyed the process.

We started work on FAR7 in the late summer of 2010. When we heard about the start of GAME_ON contest it was as if we had received a sign that the stack of technology that we had chosen was the right one and held some promise. Winning the Best Technology nomination proved us right. This kind of contests give an opportunity to developers all over the world to get feedback from professionals.

What opportunities do you see for technology and mechanics in using the web a gaming platform?

I am more of a tech kind of guy, and I can say that HTML5 is just stunning. I find it most impressive that players can run their browser-based games on phones and tablets without me having to alter the code. It is now customary to start playing FAR7 on your desktop computer, and then pick up where you left off when you are on the couch with your tablet. Awesome, is it not?

Any advice you have to give to this years’ Game On contestants?

This year’s participants might have more skills and knowledge about game development than we had two years ago. There are a lot of articles and books about open web game development out there. I would recommend everyone to take this opportunity and learn as much as they can from others’ experience.