Interview with MJ: EA’s Senior Creative Director “At Large”

A few weeks back we talked with MJ, EA’S Senior Creative Director “At Large” about coming up with game ideas, creative game play, fan art and the future of the web as a gaming platform.

Enjoy this Popcorn version of our chat and look for the bonus item at the end of this post.

Bonus Item: Screenshot and explanation of the D12 Matrix Activity that MJ developed for EA.

” You can think of Matrix D12 like mad libs.  There are three columns and 12 rows.  You roll a 12-sided die three times to get your game (see matrix below)


One of the fun tweaks I put in is I’ll allow people the opportunity to re-roll after about five minutes.  Turns out people fall so in love with their ideas so quickly, this is almost never used.

It’s a really fun exercise on the nature of creativity:  Because the “inspiration” is provided by pure random chance, it serves to prove that the real genius of creativity is the work you put in, more so than the initial inspiration.”

Give it a try with your team to build your own mozgame ideas.