Judging is now underway! Here is how it works

TLDR version of this post:
  • The Game On competition judging process is now underway! Our Nomination Panel and Illustrious Judges are now busily evaluating the 165 great games submitted.
  • Winners will be announced around the middle of March.
  • In the mean time: game on! Play around with all these great games.


We are SO excited to announce that we received 165 amazing entries for this year’s Game On Competition. From Morocco to Russia to Canada, and from first-person shooters to dancing unicorns to mobile-powered zombie attacks, we received an awesome range of diverse games. Together they help push the envelope of the open web as a gaming platform for the world, so we want to offer a huge thank you to everyone who submitted!


So what’s next?

Here at Mozilla we want Game On to be fun, fair and  transparent. So here’s how the judging process will work:

1) A Nomination Panel made up of Mozilla community members will eagerly play and evaluate all the submitted games, and then select a short-list of Notable Entries.

2) Our illustrious panel of industry expert Judges will then evaluate those Notable Entries to decide winners in each category — as well as choosing our Grand Champion!

3) Winners will be announced mid March

We know you’re all in agony as you await the results, but we want to make sure we spend enough time playing each and every game. So we can fully appreciate your creativity and brilliance!

The Game On Awesomeness Index™

Each entry will be ranked on a 1-5 scale across these five key Measures of Awesomeness:

  • Fun — how fun is it to play? (duh)
  • Technological Achievement – how well does it demonstrate technical mastery in open web technologies?
  • Aesthetics – how good is the visual design and interaction experience?
  • Originality – have we seen this before? How does the game take advantage of the web in new ways?
The entries with the highest  score in each category will emerge as the category winners and runners up, and the highest score overall will be chosen as our  Grand Prize winner. In the event of a tie, our Judges will decide a winner.


Stay tuned

Remember: the competition period is now closed, so you cannot make any further updates or tweaks to your games. Once the judging period ends March 8th, feel free to go ahead and make tweaks or updates to your entries just for fun. But not until then.

Winners will be  notified via email next week, and will need to accept their prize before we announce it on our website. So make sure to check your email regularly. We would hate for you to miss your prize! 😉
Best of luck to all our great contestants.  If you have any questions about the judging process or what happens next, please shoot us an email to gameon[at] mozilla [dot] com. Or holler over  at  @mozgames. We are always here to help! Now go play.