Game On; Notable Entries You Should Play Now!

I’m amazed to see how far web technology has evolved. The quality of the
execution and innovation in the ideas from these candidates are impressive
regardless which fields they belong to. – Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany


As everyone in our stellar panel of judges mentioned, the quality of this year’s entries was extremely high. In this post we are highlighting 12 Notable Entries with the highest scores after the winners; check out these great games!


Binary Boy by Data Fidelity

Play across distinct colorful levels to help Binary Boy walk on a line, pass hordes of enemies as well as boss battles by flipping up and down. Play the game

Neptune’s Pride by Iron Helmet Games

Neptune’s Pride is a multiplayer game of Strategy, Intrigue and Galactic Conquest! The object of the game is to be the first to capture half of all stars in the galaxy. Diplomacy and trade are your keys to victory but who are your allies and how far can you trust them? Play the game

Conclave by Derek Bruneau & Nick Branstator

Conclave is a tabletop-inspired roleplaying game you can play with your friends, at any pace, from any browser. Conclave has all our favorite aspects of multiplayer roleplaying games: Customizable character archetypes , Party-based cooperative play & Tactical turn-based combat. Play the game

Multipede by Tim Garbos

Multipede is a silly local multiplayer game, where 3 – 50 playerscontrol their individual leg in a huge centipede, trying to make it walk. The controls are simple, so It’s basically a game about yelling at each other to get people to move in the right order. Jump over obstacles, climb polygons and slide down hills. Play the game


by Andre Schweighofer, Eberhard Graether, Francois Weber, Nicola Lieser, Hannah Langhagel, Carina Reindl, Manuel Gottstein., Manuel Boesze

Playtin is a web platform for everyone who loves to play microgames and who wishes to create their own. Create your own browser games, no coding skills are required and bring your game ideas to life.

Kartyy by Matthijn Dijkstra & Nils Wiersema

Karty is a virtual card table top game for the web! Built in an effort to create a realtime, multi-device game with latest web technologies Karty players use any large-screen web device (tablet, laptop, TV!) as a central ‘host’ table. Each player can then use their personal device to connect to this ‘table. Play the Game


Slugjam by Sam Sharp

SlugJam is the worlds first slug-based musical synthesiser and sequencer. On signing up a player reseives 4 slugs, each with a uniquie harmonig content. Slugs may be ‘molded’, changing the ‘envelope’ of the sound, then arranged into short loops. Users collect points for various activities including submitting songs, having songs are voted on, and even for voting on others songs. Play the game.


Sling & Win

Sling&Win is a multiplayer game. The goal is simply to bash in your opponents structure using a slingshot, before they bash in yours. Play against random people or invite your friends. In order to play, you can either choose an existing world or create your own! Play the game.

The Lab by 4lbertoC

“Oh no, the Lab has been hacked! The commands don’t work anymore… damn! It seems that the only way we have to complete the experiment is by using the JavaScript terminal. Can you help us?”. Challenge yourself with the new Game for Coders, the web adventure that can only be solved by writing code! Play the game.


Card Stories by Farsides

A multiplayer game that invites you to play with your imagination, write creative stories and guess your friends cards – without letting them find yours. Play the game.


Fight Code by Time Home


Code the best robot you can using our JRA(Javascript Robotic API)® and kick everyone’s robot’s asses (not sure if they have those). Play the game.

Germiz by Ezelia

You are a micro organism and your days are numbered. In order to survive you have to duplicate and infect other cells in order to find new strategies to spread.  Play the game.

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*We will keep highlighting notable entries throughout the course of the month so if you want us to highlight your game over here, go ahead and ping us at gameon [at] mozilla [dot] com and we ll get right at it.