Bringing the World’s Next 2 Billion People Online

I am pleased to be here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona sharing our plans for Firefox OS with the world. Last year, we showed a vision for what the Web could be on mobile, and this year we are making that vision a reality. On Sunday, we announced widespread industry support for Firefox OS, and I want to thank our dozens of partners for helping to make this possible.

Today, I had the honor of participating in a Mobile World Congress keynote session about bringing the next billions of people online. Currently, less than a third of the world’s population are connected to the Internet. But two billion more people will come online in the next five years, primarily through mobile devices and in emerging markets. Every one of those two billion individuals has a unique voice, and an open system is necessary to help them find it.

It is time to embrace the freedoms and potentials we know about the Web on mobile and give these next billions of users the opportunity to participate and stay connected, on their own terms.  Firefox OS will open the Web on mobile devices and become a catalyst for individual and collective progress, everywhere.

Go to the Mozilla Mobile World Congress 2013 website to learn more about what Mozilla is doing at MWC.

Gary Kovacs keynote at Mobile World Congress

Gary Kovacs keynote at Mobile World Congress

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