Google Pinyin IME

Google Pinyin IME. Impressive.

This is interesting for a number of reasons (obvious stuff like using the IME to take mindshare away from the IME built into Windows, and promote their toolbar, plus the fact that Google has a large number of experts on language on staff), but mainly it’s interesting because in 2007, I don’t think anyone is innovating in the IME space (aside from Google.) Redmond has been consumed by the Vista launch and has no time to update their IMEs.

The IME market is critical to so many double-byte markets and it’s a perfect vector for Google: their database of the Internet allows them to update their IME automatically all the time (vs. traditional software IMEs which get updated not often enough)

Shanghaist loves the new IME:

How’s that different from old school Windows pinyin you ask? Well, for starters, GP is hell of a lot smarter. Take this sentence for example, “上海到处都是盗版碟片.” Before GP came along, we would have had to break it down to several phrases and complete the line that way. Not with GP, we didn’t have to pause one bit. And the goodness doesn’t stop there. If an user simultaneously logs into his Google account while typing, GP will analyze and learn his word entry habit, and overtime optimize character output to save user time. How cool is that?

Shanghaiist: Google Pinyin: Typing in Chinese has never been this much fun

I’d love to see a Japanese IME from Google.

One Response to Google Pinyin IME

  1. Too bad Google Translate can’t handle that sentence! They give,
    “Shanghai, there are pirated discs.”
    They left out the second phrase! Correct is,
    “Everywhere in Shanghai there are pirated discs.”
    So maybe Google Translate is due for an upgrade, too…