Mobile and PC usage equal in Japan

Mobile and PC Internet usage is about equal in Japan. It will tip towards mobile I am sure. The rest of this is pretty obvious stuff. As non-PC Internet usage grows everywhere in the world, we’ll be going back to the walled gardens of the AOL-era PC Internet. Not a good trend.

The study estimated that 53.6 million people are using a mobile device to access the Internet, a figure nearly equaling the 53.7 million who accessed the Internet from either a home or a work computer in June 2007. The study was conducted among 3100 people age 15 and over.

Checking email is the most common Internet activity from mobile phones, used by 75 percent of those surveyed. Forty-one percent checked email at least once a day. Accessing news and information was next most popular with 52 percent doing so. Search and navigation queries were close behind at 51 percent. 

Time spent web browsing on mobile phones is still much lower than that spent on desktop PC’s. Internet usage on mobile phones averages 8.1 hours per month versus 18.9 hours by PC.

Adoption of web usage on mobile phones skews young. People under 34 years old account for 64 percent of mobile phone web users versus 45 percent of PC web users.

Despite these significant usage figures, consumer satisfaction remains low. Only 12.6 percent of respondents accessing the Internet via a mobile device stated that they were either “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied”, with 52.1 percent stating that they were either “very dissatisfied” or “somewhat dissatisfied”.

Mobile Phone Web Users Nearly Equal PC Based Internet Users in Japan

5 Responses to Mobile and PC usage equal in Japan

  1. > As non-PC Internet usage grows everywhere in the world, we’ll be going back
    > to the walled gardens of the AOL-era PC Internet. Not a good trend.

    I don’t think so. People just won’t buy that any more. I’ll quote Ari Jaaksi, who runs the Nokia open source software operations (and used to develop their WAP browser):

    “It amazes me that I still see signs of this thinking. Web pages and services are tailored to small screens and people expect that to create the mobile internet. It won’t. There is only one internet, and if your device cannot access it, you’re out of luck. There is only one internet.”

  2. I totally agree with the above comment – nobody is looking for a special mobile version of the internet – it would be way too artificial (like AOL was). The internet is more like a organism and the devices used to access its content will always have to adapt to the way it is and not the other way around.

  3. i dont agree! there are a lot of nice sites mate for mobile fones. often it is much nicer if there is a navigation that is optimated for use with mobile fone.

  4. Well, I think mobile sites are the future and at the end of the year many more users are willing to use these sites. I think that navigation is a big issue but that will be better and better.

  5. Yeah, and mind the gap! The Iphone made a big boost in the direction to a mobile web. And it will take just a few more month, if the discussion is startin which kind of webview should be build for Steve, sorr, the Iphone ;o)