Get Firefox Video Award gallery open

For those of you who remember the Firefox Flicks contest, Mozilla Japan has been working with the artists’ network Loftwork and Sony’s video hosting service eyeVio to create a similar contest in Japan: the Get Firefox Video Award. The contest opened at the beginning of October and registration closed on Dec. 10th.

For those of you who don’t read Japanese, I’ll provide you a few links so you can get to the parts of the site that have the videos you may want to see.

The video gallery link is the fourth one on the left menu from the top. This brings you a page of all of the videos in a random order.

From the top tab, you can select also “video” or “cg/anime” which sorts the videos into those two types. Hayashi-san, who runs Loftwork, had told me to expect more computer-generated or animated videos when we were planning this contest and lo and behold, she was right!

On the gallery page, underneath the top tabs are 4 tabs (from left to right) for “random”, “popular”, “new” and “home town”. So you can sort the videos via these secondary tabs.

On each individual video page, there’s a small green box with a fox paw mark. That’s our voting button. If you like the video, please click the button to vote for it. Once you vote, you’ll be able to leave a comment on the video in the comment box. You can’t comment until you vote. We are giving away an award for most popular video so please do vote/comment for your favorite videos.

Finally, we’ll be announcing the winner of the video contest next week on December 18th at a party in Tokyo’s club Super-Deluxe. If you’re in Tokyo and would like to attend, please register from the home page.

If you’d like to promote our contest on your blog or website, please use one of the icons or blog widgets that we’ve provide at our “spread” page.

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  1. Why not transfer the website to english version?There are some videos really cool:)i always like the catoon from japen.