see you at Lift 08 Conference

This year I will be focusing more on evangelism of Mozilla in Asia and so I was glad to be able to accept an opportunity to speak about open source and Mozilla in Asia at the upcoming Lift 08 Conference in Geneva, Feb. 6-8, 2008.

My presentation as it stands right now will use Mozilla as an example of open source in Asia, looking at our situation in both East and South East Asia.  I will try to address Glyn Moody’s question about the weakness of GNU/Linux in Japan, and puncture some myths in the process, but I’m not sure there is a clear answer for this complex question.

I would very much appreciate any information you may have about the success or lack thereof of open source software in Asia.  Feel free to leave me comments here.

Also, if you are attending Lift08, please say hello and introduce yourself to me.  I look forward to meeting fellow Lift 08 attendees and hope to hear from others who are working on open source in Asia.

Jasmina Tesanovic and Gen Kanai added to the speaker program

2 Responses to see you at Lift 08 Conference

  1. if i was marketing mozilla in asia i would base a campaign on rebelliousness and choice and new generation thinking…. but not so crudely as such things as motorcycles are marketed in india (where i live)

    people don’t know they have choice, and are not culturally trained to look for alternatives.. they look for what works, and that is the end of the quest.

    i could say a lot more, maybe you get my point already

  2. gregory- I appreciate your thoughts. A smart campaign on rebelliousness in India sounds interesting but also challenging. Managing that balance sounds difficult.