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Firefox 3 Japan release party

I’ve got photos and a writeup coming soon (after I get the Korea posts up) but please go check out Kirai – Un geek en Japón by Héctor García – Presentación de Firefox 3 (en español) for photos of the Japan release party for Firefox 3 that just happened last night.

The video installation is a media art installation Mozilla Japan collaborated with Prof. Kakei of Keio Univ. and awesome Firefox extension developer and all-around-uber-hacker Daisuke Akatsuka. In short, it is showing real time downloads of Firefox 3 on a map of Japan that is movable and zoomable and music is generated by the users who are downloading and the users of the art installation who have an interface to the map of downloads. More to come on this…

UPDATE: Akimoto-san from Asiajin has a writeup, Firefox3 Release Party Tokyo, as does Kazuhito Kidachi, Firefox 3 リリースパーティー (in Japanese.)

Firefox 3.0 Japan press roundup

UPDATE: the Mozilla Japan press room for June 2008 has a comprehensive list of coverage.

While I’ve been in Korea with Mitchell (more on that soon), Mozilla Japan has been very busy with a large press event on June 17th and follow-on press interviews.  Here is a list of news articles from mainstream media.  I’ll collect some blog reviews soon as well.

Firefox 3のダウンロード件数が800万/日を突破 – ギネス記録か? (マイコミジャーナル)

「Firefox 3」公開後24時間で800万回以上のダウンロード (INTERNET Watch)

正式版になったFirefox 3を早速使ってみた (ITmedia)

Firefox 3、リリース後の24時間で、830万件のダウンロードを記録 (CNET Japan)

Firefox 3、24時間ダウンロード数の世界記録に向けて好発進 (マイコミジャーナル)

「24時間で800万ダウンロードを達成——Firefox 3の世界記録挑戦ダウンロード記録を英ギネスに提出、「世界一」認定までには1週間 (NikkeiBP)

ブラウザ「Firefox」最新版、初日のダウンロード記録更新 (CNN Japan)

「Firefox 3 の灯」公開,ダウンロード状況を日本地図上に光と数字で可視化 (ITpro)

Firefox 3、速くて快適です。 (CNET Japan)

「Firefox 2から修正1万5000件超、日本発の技術を搭載」、MozillaがFirefox 3の説明会 (nikkei BPnet)

正式ダウンロードが始まったFirefox 3、強まるIEとの対決姿勢 (CNET Japan)

Firefox 3の世界記録挑戦Download Dayだけど、まだかな? (TechCrunch – USA)

Mozilla、最新ブラウザ「Firefox 3」を公開、前バージョンより3倍高速化 (朝日新聞)

【レポート】 Mozilla Japan瀧田氏、「Firefox 3はWebアプリの普及を加速」(マイコミジャーナル)

Firefox 3.0を試す (CNET Japan)

「Firefox 3」公開、ダウンロード数は増加もサイトの混雑が続く (INTERNET Watch)

Google Browser Syncは2008年で終了、後継はMozilla Weaveが有力 (マイコミジャーナル)

特別企画「Firefox 3」が公開、その内容に迫る (Forest Impress)

830万件のダウンロードだそうです。 (CNet Japan)

正式版になったFirefox 3を早速使ってみた (Jim Rapoza, eWeek)

「史上最速」のブラウザFirefox 3ダウンロード始める (J-Cast)

最新ブラウザー「Firefox 3」公開、ダウンロード数の世界記録を目指す (NikkeiBP)

Mozillaが最新版Webブラウザ「Firefox 3」を公開,ダウンロード件数は順調に増加 (IT Pro)

Firefox 3 Download Dayで思い出す――IE 3 (IT Media)

「Firefox 3」が正式リリース。日本語版も公開 (IT Media)

正式ダウンロードが始まったFirefox 3、強まるIEとの対決姿勢 (CNet Japan)

Mozilla、Webブラウザ「Firefox 3.0」を正式にリリース (Mycom Journal)

Mozilla Japan、Webブラウザ「Firefox 3」公開 (

Mozilla、最新ブラウザ「Firefox 3」を公開、前バージョンより3倍高速化 (BCN Ranking)

高輪でウェブブラウザ「Firefox3」発表会−18日午前2時公開へ (Shinagawa Keizai)

Firefox 3説明会、高速化やメモリ削減など1万5000の機能を改善 (BroadBand Watch)

“史上最速”のFirefox 3、日本時間18日午前2時に公開 (INTERNET Watch)

2008年6月18日早朝、「Firefox 3」がついにリリース (日経パソコン)

「Firefox 3」公開は日本時間の18日午前2時 (ITpro)

Air Mozilla Seoul, Firefox 3 Download Day Edition

As Mitchell Baker and I are in Seoul Korea for the 2008 OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet, we could not join in the fun at Mountain View for the launch of Firefox 3.  So with the help of Yahoo! evangelist Jinho Jung, we did a short segment at Air Mozilla congratulating everyone for a successful launch and answering a few questions from the audience of hundreds who were watching.  I don’t have the video at the moment but Jinho has photos up on Flickr.

Thank you to Channy Yun for coordinating, thank you to Jinho Jung for making it happen, and thank you to Rainer at Mogulus for helping us configure our setup quickly.

Firefox 3.1 codenamed “Shiretoko”

As annouced on the Firefox wiki, the next version of Firefox, Firefox 3.1, is code-named Shiretoko, for the national park in Japan which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Shiretoko is the Ainu word for “end of the earth” (no, I didn’t know until I looked it up myself 🙂

MozillaLinks has a good overview of the planned additional features for Firefox 3.1.

Those of us in Japan will have to plan a visit to Shiretoko before Firefox 3.1 is released. We’ll take only photos and try not to leave even footprints.

Field Guide to Firefox 3 in Chinese

Deb Richardson’s Field Guide to Firefox 3 has already been localized into Chinese!

[精品译文] Firefox 3 新功能指南 (v1.5)

How cool is that!?!?

Mitchell Baker in Korea – June 2008

Next week, as the Mozilla community prepares to release Firefox 3 in over 48 languages to over 180 million active users worldwide, Mozilla Foundation’s Chairwoman, Mitchell Baker will be speaking at the OECD Ministerial Meeting on The Future of the Internet – “Shaping Policies for Creativity, Confidence and Convergence in the Digital World.” The major question of the event will be, “How can the Internet make the world a better place?” and a number of the speakers and other concerned Internet users are using YouTube to address this question.

Mitchell will have dinner with the Mozilla Korea community on June 18th, celebrating the efforts of the Mozilla community in Korea and the release of Firefox 3.  Please RSVP at

Channy Yun, leader of the Mozilla Korea community and lead localizer for Firefox in Korea has a comprehensive overview of Mozilla in Korea.

On June 19th, Mitchell Baker will keynote (with Vint Cerf), the Future Web Forum 2008: Global Web Technology Workshop (in Korean). I will also present on open standard support in Firefox 3.

While the OECD event will not be open to the public, the Mozilla Korea community dinner and the Global Web Technology Workshop are both open to the public (and the latter event is free) so we hope to see you in Seoul next week!

If you have any questions about the Mozilla Korea community dinner or the Global Web Technology Workshop, please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

Brian Behlendorf at Personal Democracy Forum

Brian Behlendorf, one of the founders of the Apache project, and board member of the Mozilla Foundation, will be speaking at the closing plenary, Redefining Leadership in a Networked Age, of the Personal Democracy Forum event on June 24th in New York City (my hometown :). Other speakers with Brian will be Scott Heiferman (of Meetup, Fotolog, i-traffic), Craig Newmark of Craigslist, and Joe Trippi who most people know as having run Howard Dean’s campaign.

I wish I could attend but I think that it will be well blogged (or Twittered?)