Firefox on fire in Indonesia

Ken Kovash, who runs Mozilla’s Blog of Metrics, recently shared that Firefox Surpasses 50% Market Share in Indonesia. This is quite amazing news considering that Indonesia did not have a fully-localized version of Firefox until version 3.0.

I asked our locale owner for Firefox Bahasa Indonesia, Romi Hardiyanto, for some additional insight and he provided additional perspectives.  Romi told me about a very popular forum in Indonesia which had a 58% Firefox market share in May of 2008.  Another site Romi referenced is digdagdug, which reported 55% Firefox market share in April:Browser Pilihan dagdigdug’er.

Romi mentioned that many Indonesians who use the Internet are familiar with the English computer and Internet-related terms.  That and the usage of English in University means that most Indonesians on the Internet are very familiar with English and have used the English Firefox up until now.  It is great to have an Indonesian Firefox for those who may be less comfortable with English as Firefox grows in Indonesia.
If you have other ideas about how or why Firefox is so popular in Indonesia, please leave a comment.  Thank you in advance. 🙂

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  1. Ami Ganguli

    This is great news. No idea why FF is so popular there (although I’m in Finland, where FF is pretty popular as well), but I do have an idea about how to leverage that popularity.

    Offer PC retailers who pre-load Firefox a cut of the revenue from the Google searchbar. If users have to download their own Firefox then the vendor gets nothing, but if users use the pre-loaded Firefox (and I suppose any upgraded version thereof) the the vendor gets a cut.

    The beauty of this is that Microsoft could potentially offer the same with IE to counter the offer, but since more than half of the users will download Firefox anyway, they’re leaving money on the table by not preloading Firefox.

    In this way you could realistically get Firefox market share up to 75% or 80%. If that’s true, then the breakeven point for Mozilla is offering the retailer 1/3rd of search revenue.

  2. Hi, I’m Pandu, the admin of id-mozilla forum. I am an Indonesian. The reason why Firefox is so popular in Indonesia I think have to do with the low penetration of computers and Internet in our country; thus, the absolute majority of Internet users are tech-savvy users who understand the advantages of Firefox.

    Plus, the pithy (i.e., so small it makes grown men cry) International bandwidth our country practically demands a fast browser, something that IE just can’t provide, not by a wide margin.

    The absence of Indonesian Firefox does not hinder these users; why, they’ve been surviving various English-languaged OSes, so they are quite familiar with all the English terms in Firefox (and that begs an admittance: I am actually bewildered when I used the Indonesian Firefox, as I got totally disoriented, no more able to find the terms I’m familiar with. So, after helping — with great difficulty — the id-ID L10N team, I ditched id-ID Firefox and re-installed en-US Firefox 😛 )

  3. Yeps… I’m an Indonesian too like Pepo…^^

    Many people here belive that Firefox is the fastest internet browser in the market and easy to understand all of its functions & GUI.

    But, their knowledges about Add-ons Mozilla…. not much^^
    I think if many Indonesian people know about AMO’s power, Firefox’s market share will spread more.

    So let’s together spread knowledge about AMO for all!!! ^0^

  4. That brings up an interesting point: when will AMO be localised?

  5. @James John Malcolm: AMO is already localized into a number of languages. We’re open to any more that people want to do.