see you at BarCamp Bangkok 2

I’m really looking forward to attending and presenting at BarCamp Bangkok 2, the second BarCamp held in Thailand in 2008, and scheduled to have over 500 people attending!  I’ll be speaking about Firefox 3.1, TraceMonkey, Fennec, and our Mozilla Labs projects.  Hope to see you at BarCamp Bangkok 2!

5 Responses to see you at BarCamp Bangkok 2

  1. Your mozilla labs presentation is very cool! I’m looking forward to explore weave and aurora.

  2. I think we’d have to localize Ubiquity too, because it’s so awesome!

  3. @thanr Ubiquity is worth putting efford.

  4. Thanks for your support at Barcamp Bangkok 2, I’ll keep continue working with Moz on Moz Thai!

  5. Thank you so much for BarCamp Bangkok 2, I have some idea to spread Firefox for some high school student in Thai. I will give out the idea to you as soon as I can.