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98.7% Internet Explorer in South Korea

Danny Kim at TechnoKimchi has new browser share numbers in South Korea. It’s pretty ugly.

IE: 98.66% Korean Browser Market Share

98.66% IE in Korea

If that is not a defacto monopoly (especially when you consider the market share that other browsers have elsewhere in the world), then I don’t know what is.

Background information on why S. Korea is an all-Microsoft, all-Internet Explorer nation is available on older posts on my blog including, the cost of monoculture, update on the cost of monoculture in Korea.

I hope to be able to write another update for 2008 before the end of this year. Whether I can be more positive than I have been in the past is yet to be determined.

Thunderbird has 11.5% share in Japan

IT Pro Research today published a survey of 1781 email users in Japan. It’s not exactly clear who they were surveying (I am assuming enterprise/business users but…) so this is certainly not gospel.


Unsurprisingly, the total usage of Windows (from 98 through to Vista) is 96.8%. I know Macintosh has a larger than 2.1% share in Japan so this data is skewed towards business users I think.

share of operating systems

The share of email clients is much more interesting and Thunderbird has an 11.5% share. Webmail has a 7% share.

share of email clients

If one was to do a general survey of Japanese Internet users, I’m sure the webmail percentage would be much higher and I’m sure there are many, like me, who use both a client and webmail.

TraceMonkey vs. V8

Lest anyone think Mozilla isn’t keenly focused on the speed of our next-generation JavaScript engine, TraceMonkey, Brendan Eich shares the news about where TraceMonkey stands vs. Google Chrome’s new V8 JS engine: Brendan’s Roadmap Updates – TraceMonkey Update.

TraceMonkey vs. V8

More details at Brendan’s blog post.
UPDATE: Andreas Gal and Mike Shaver also share comments on TraceMonkey.