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Canvas 3D & Flickr

Pretty slick Canvas demo: Canvas 3D & Flickr

More info here: Canvas in full 3D

via Mona Nomura

Web Directions East 2008

Gen Kanai introducing Mike Migurski
via Flickr: karitsu’s Photostream

One of the key users that Mozilla focuses on in Japan are web developers as they are critical to having websites that work across all browsers, not just the one from Seattle.

Earlier this year, Mozilla Japan sponsored an event, “SwapSkills for the Happy Web Weekend“(Japanese), when John Allsop came to speak in Tokyo. We heard he was bringing his Web Directions conference series to Tokyo as Web Directions East (2008) and made the decision to co-sponsor the event.

In Japan, we still have a significant number of websites that are only compatible with the browser from Seattle. There are web-based services that stream entertainment content on the Internet that only work with IE, the most famous being, which does not deserve a link from me. There are banks that don’t work with browsers other than the one from Seattle.  etc. Thus it is critically important that web developers in Japan understand leading web design, which includes the importance of standards-based design. Thus it was a pleasure for us to sponsor Web Directions East and it was a personal pleasure to introduce Mike Migurski as the final keynote speaker for Day 1, as Jeff Veen was unable to attend.

Thank you to all of the speakers, John himself, as well as Kikuchi-san and his staff and volunteers for what was hopefully the first of an annual series of events on leading web design in Japan.

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Blog posts in English (these are speakers from the event)

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web directions east (tecznotes)

Blog posts in Japanese

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Japanese media coverage included:

「Web Directions East 2008」カンファレンス レポート

EVSSL user-interface in Safari 3.2

EVSSL in Safari 3.2

With the most recent update to Safari 3.2, Apple has added support in their user interface for extended validation SSL certificates, or EVSSL.

The problem with Safari 3.2’s implementation is that the UI is quite subtle, way in the upper-right hand corner. There’s no standard as to how to implement support for EV certs in browsers but clearly what Apple has done with Safari is mere compliance, not a thorough consideration of how best to show that information in the browser.

I’m biased but I clearly think Firefox 3.0’s implementation is better. No certificate mumbo-jumbo that no one outside of certificate authorities knows anything about.  Clear and obvious language that is readable and understandable by anyone who would use a browser on the Internet.

Firefox 3.0 EV SSL UI

Kamla Bhatt interview with Mitchell Baker

Kamla Bhatt of Live Mint Radio interviews Mozilla’s founder and Chairwoman, Mitchell Baker.  It is a 3-part audio interview and the written transcript is also a 3-part transcript.

Mitchell Baker, Chairperson of Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation talks about the Curious tale of Mozilla, the importance of a browser, Open Source and what excites her about the Internet

Interview with Mitchell Baker: Part 1

Part 2 and Part 3 are available next to Part 1.

Interview with Mitchell Baker: Part 1

Interview with Mitchell Baker: Part 2
Interview with Mitchell Baker: Part 3

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