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Chris Leung and Project:Possibility

The NY Times has a nice article on a recent voluntary effort to make software for vision-impaired or physically disabled people that mentions the Mozilla Foundation’s support: Entrepreneurial Edge – Software That Opens Worlds to the Disabled.

To date, Project:Possibility has operated without revenue and without pay for participants. Its programs belong to the nonprofit project and to the University of Southern California. Its sole source of financing was a $15,000 grant in early 2008 from the Mozilla Foundation, an organization that promotes the concept of the Internet as a public resource open to everyone.

Nor does Project:Possibility intend to be a commercial venture, Mr. Leung said. “We do not plan to earn revenue through a spread of our programs. In fact,” he said, “we plan to be completely open-source — our programs can be downloaded, modified and used by anyone at no cost — in hopes that similar programs will spread to other universities and around the world with or without our involvement.”

I’m sure this effort is partly due to the hard work of Frank Hecker and it’s great to see Project:Possibility get this exposure.

interview with Brendan Eich

I really enjoyed this recent interview with Brendan Eich that Ben Galbraith & Dion Almaer of Ajaxian did back in 2007. It was slightly technical in parts but mostly talking about Mozilla and JavaScript history as well as Brendan’s own chosen path.

If the future interviews in this new Tech Luminaries series are as good, it wll be a great podcast.

Sohu to launch a browser

Not a lot of information.  If anyone has more details, please leave them in the comments.

Sohu (Nasdaq: SOHU) search engine Sogou plans to release a web browser by the end of 2008, reports Sohu senior vice president Wang Xiaochuan. Wang, while speaking at Tsinghua University on December 6, said that the web browser will allow students to access overseas websites for free through CERNET, instead of having to pay as they do now. CERNET (China Education and Research Network) is China’s Internet network for universities.

The end of 2008 is only 2 weeks away…

* JL MCGREGOR & COMPANY RESEARCH: Sohu Planning Web Browser

Shiretoko robot remix

Piro (English), Japanese add-on developer extraordinaire has remixed the Shiretoko (Beta 1, Beta 2) Robot.