John Lilly in the LA Times

Mozilla’s fearless leader, John Lilly, is profiled (with his NSID beard) in the LA Times in both the Business and Technology sections.

The Stanford University-trained computer scientist is chief executive of Mozilla, maker of the Firefox Web browser, which broke Microsoft’s hold on the market so it couldn’t dominate the Internet the way it does computer operating systems. About 95% of Web surfers used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in 2004; now 20% use Firefox, and other companies are offering browsers that are smarter and faster than ever before.

Browsing the career of Mozilla CEO John Lilly

“I spend more time in my browser than I do in my car. You should spend at least as much time choosing which browser you use as which car you drive. It’s your lens onto the Web. Just like the lenses in your glasses, it affects the way the Web looks to you. As we see more and more of the world through the Web, the characteristics of the lens matter more than ever.”

HOW I MADE IT: JOHN LILLY – Mozilla chief John Lilly is fired up about making a better Web browser

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  1. That’s a great quote, thanks for sharing. A French version is now posted on my blog: