Firefox in Thailand

How is Firefox doing in Thailand?

Considering that Firefox was not localized into the Thai language until Firefox 3.0.2 in September of 2008, about half a year ago, the trends are looking good.

Firefox is solidly at 9% market share and poised to cross 10% soon if the trends hold.

IE 6 and IE7 combined still hold 86% market share in Thailand, but considering that there has been a Thai-language Firefox for less than 6 months, we should see more growth in Firefox users in Thailand throughout 2009.

Thailand Firefox usage

This is data from, which is a Thai net statistics company that is aggregating data from Thai websites. I don’t know the details of’s methodologies (they claim 1.1 million unique IPs, 3 million visitors and 92% of their traffic from in Thailand) or which sites they are aggregating data from, but I’m more inclined to trust a business that is in Thailand, focused on Thai users, than NetRatings or other non-Thai services that probably do not understand the market in Thailand at all.

Thai Firefox localizer and community organizer Keng is leading an effort to get a Mozilla Thailand community site up in April.  If you would like to contribute or help, please contact Keng.

6 Responses to Firefox in Thailand

  1. Is it just me, or does that graph show a *drop* in usage at Sept 2008?

  2. Yes, I’m not sure if that was due to an external issue or a Mozilla issue.

  3. Hey Gen,

    The official Thai version came out and it looks like the Thai version down-trended, bigtime. What happened in that down glitch? Any ideas?


  4. My first guess is that it may have to do with the public demonstrations in Thailand in September that ended up shutting down the Bangkok airport and stranding passengers for a number of days. That is just a guess, however.

  5. Google Chrome has luanched that time…

  6. I see a lot of thai developers using firefox, but my experience is most people just stick with IE and dont really want to experiment. the plug-ins are what set it apart and maybe the social plug-ins are what will drive market share increases.