3D in JavaScript and Canvas

Japanese programmer and blogger, Yusuke Kawasaki, has a nice post looking at various efforts around 3D in the browser with JavaScript and Canvas since 2006: The history of JavaScript’s 3D tech development.

Before most of popular browsers start to support canvas “3d” context, we JavaScript developers have struggled how to implement to enable 3D by JavaScript without any extensions like Java, Flash, etc. Here is a part of the history of JavaScript’s 3D tech development.

Kawasaki-san also covered Satoshi Ueyama‘s recent work on 3D in JS and Canvas back in February, if you had missed it: Incredible JavaScript+Canvas 3D demos from Japan!

Ueyama-san, the programmer who made those 3D demos, is the same programmer who did those Gecko reflow videos (Japanese) that were widely blogged about and discussed at Doug Turner’s blog: What is a reflow?

EDIT: Unfortunately those reflow videos are no longer available at Google Video (grrr). I’ll see if Ueyama-san can upload them to a different video hosting site.

EDIT 2: Gecko reflow videos have been moved to Youtube thanks to Ueyama-san!

Gecko Reflow Visualization – google.co.jp

Gecko Reflow Visualization – mozilla.org

Gecko Reflow Visualization – Wikipedia

2 Responses to 3D in JavaScript and Canvas

  1. Nicely done, I had also developed a 3D JavaScript engine a few years back. Check it out:


    It’s not quite as detailed as the one you put together, but it does support all browsers.

  2. You can find a range of 3D JavaScript demos here. They were done with the Sandy-HX 3D engine.