Bahasa Malaysia Mozilla Firefox

As I head towards Kuala Lumpur this weekend for BarCamp Kuala Lumpur 2009, it is a good time to note that we are looking for additional contributors to help finish the Bahasa Malaysia Mozilla Firefox. We want to thank the Malaysian localizers who have contributed to date (Malay blog) but with less than half of the strings localized (look for “ms” on the dashboard), we are looking for additional devoted volunteers to step in to finish this locale. I should note that due to the queue of locales scheduled to date, we cannot promise that this locale can ship with the up coming Firefox 3.5 release but will be scheduled for some time after the 3.5 launch.

For those who might be considering joining the existing process, please take a moment to look at a number of pages on Mozilla’s wiki regarding our localization processes including, L10n:Localization Process, L10n:Home Page, L10n:Web parts, and Firefox web services guidelines, as well as the excellent blog post from my colleague Seth’s blog: Helpful Mozilla localization documentation.

The relatively new Mozilla community in Thailand is a great example of a committed localization team who came together over the Internet, pooled their strengths to work on the localization effort over a number of months, which resulted in strong demand for Firefox in Thailand. While there are any number of ways that Firefox is localized, and many amazing individuals and teams across the globe, the Mozilla Thai community is an example of a new Mozilla l10n team in South East Asia who I have personally seen in action.

If you will be at BarCamp KL this weekend, please do not hesitate to say hello or ask me about anything related to Mozilla or Firefox.

5 Responses to Bahasa Malaysia Mozilla Firefox

  1. Selamat Datang ke Malaysia!

    Looking forwards to meeting you at BarcampKL.


  2. Joseph de Leon

    Gen, thank you for the engaging discussion. Spoke to some people after the conference who were excited about Malay Firefox becoming a reality. We’ll catch up next time you are in town.

  3. Hi Gen,

    I am interested to be a volunteer for this BM project, is there any specific qualifications needed? As I am not from the IT field.


  4. hey im interested to be a volunteer for firefox BM..

  5. hello, i also interested on making firefox in malay language edition. i can help you with my little expertness in Malay language.