Indonesia Mozilla add-ons presentation – April 24

I am happy to announce that our localizer for Bahasa Indonesia Firefox, Romi Hardiyanto, is giving a presentation on Mozilla Add-ons development at Information System Department Park, ITS Campus Sukolilo, Surabaya, Indonesia on April 24th at 14:00. Similar details are at Spread Firefox:

Indonesia Mozilla Add-ons development talk – Spread Firefox

UPDATE: the maximum capacity for the event is 150 attendees.

UPDATE: the HΛniF project and PureZilla will be presented

This event is open to non-ITS students. If you would like to attend, please contact me via email (see link at Spread Firefox) or please leave a comment on this blog with your email and I will forward your names to the professor.

I would like to take this moment to thank Professor Nur Aini Rakhmawati Gunawan of the IT faculty of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember for hosting this event and making this event happen.

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  1. @kamas: memangnya ngerti bahasa indonesia?

  2. Nur Aini iku profesor yo? baru ngerti aku 🙂

  3. @Suro Agung:
    Bu iin (Nur Aini) will be a Profesor soon…
    di doakan aja pak.. 😀

  4. would love to see the event in Jakarta

  5. @budi: menurut paragraf di atas kan isi komentar bukan hal penting. Kalimatnya leave your comment with your email, and our name will be forwarded to the prof.

    So I think I’ll say it clear here that I’d like to attend the event. The blog owner should have recieved my name and email as I post it with this reply.

    Thank you 🙂

  6. Kamas, thank you, consider yourself registered for the event.

  7. Glad to hear that Firefox is available in my mother language but for me, I prefer to use the international version 🙂

    About the event, I am waiting if a similar event will be held in Jakarta or Bandung.

  8. Great event! Am waiting for the similar event @ Jakarta.

  9. indonesian language for mozilla..great…

  10. Like Annelies, I feel bad when FF is localized in Indonesian. Better to translate from indonesian to english. It is really suck to translate english into indonesian, see FreSh!

    Apa yang salah dengan istilah “peramban”, “senarai”, “daring”, “unggah”, “unduh” atau “tetikus” ? Kenapa masih terasa ‘kagok’ di lidah dan janggal di telinga? Apakah pengguna Internet siap mengorbankan kenyamanan dan kebiasaan demi pemakaian bahasa yang baik dan benar?

  11. ikutan ndaftar ya………

    kebetulan masih sekampus 😀

  12. long time mozilla firefox user (and of course, linux user), add-on frenzy, please count me in. thanks in advance.



  14. waw.. amazing…. nice 🙂

  15. mozilla in ITS i think is great moment, i want follow it, I want to register

  16. can i register?

  17. (Bismillah..)

    I want to register,


  18. Aditya Farma Adi Nugraha

    please forward me to join the event.. thank you

  19. ndaphtar juga……masih sekampus,,,tetanggan lagi gedungnya.

    i want to register to,


  20. Dimas Kurniawan

    Count me in.

  21. Why my post does not appear here? I thought this is an open mind community or is this an open source community with closed mind?

  22. Asyrofil A.F.

    Soo great Indonesia Mozilla add-ons presentation development talk…
    i want register,,,
    Count me in,,please….

    ikut dong……boleh ya??

  23. i’m interest..


    let me in,,,,


  24. I’m proud of to register in yr community….

    let me in, please…

    I’m waiting yr forward,,,,

    suwun cak,,,,thanks before…

  25. Tegar Sakti Dziqrianto

    Pak DE,q ikut daftar juga ya….
    Kita masih satu kapus euy….

    Suwon sakderenge,,

    Matur nuwon,,,

  26. Hi semua!

    Untuk mendaftar bisa juga lewat kiki ahmadi atau lewat

    See you there guys!

  27. Saya ikut daftar pak….he…mumpung gratis

  28. Woww great for mozilla and indonesian people..
    i would like to join the event..

  29. M Arif Rasyidi

    I’d like 2 join 2..
    my email:

  30. Waduh uda telat

  31. So, I think, so I say, I would like to take part in this event.
    Thank you:)

  32. Just wondering if there are any feedback or comments from Indonesian users on the mozilla website translation into Indonesian.