Engadget – Nokia N900 review

Engadget’s N900 review covers the Mozilla-based browser:

Now, finally, let’s talk about this handset’s real treat, its crown jewel: the glorious browser. The Internet Tablet line has used a fairly capable Mozilla-based browser for ages, but between the latest tweaked code and the N900’s thoroughly freshened internals, it’s gone to an entirely new level. Almost without fail, sites were rendered faithfully (just as you’d expect them to look in Firefox on your desktop) with fully-functional, usable Flash embeds — and it’s fast. Not only is the initial rendering fast, but scrolling around complex pages (Engadget’s always a good example) was effortless; you see the typical grid pattern when you first scroll into a new area, of course, but it fills in with the correct content rapidly. To say we were blown away by the N900’s raw browsing power would be an understatement — in fact, we could realistically see carrying it in addition to another phone for browsing alone, because even in areas where it gives a little ground to the iPhone or Pre in usability, it smacks everyone down in raw power and compatibility. In our line of work where 24 / 7 access to the web is of paramount importance, having the N900 in our pocket when we were away from our laptop was a comforting insurance policy.

Nokia N900 review — Engadget

3 Responses to Engadget – Nokia N900 review

  1. Give me a month or two. I am waiting for another price drop and I will pick one up. I prefer it over the Nexus One since it is more of a geek phone 🙂

    Good job on the browser. You tired Midori yet?

  2. Remember that MicroB in the N900 is a port of Firefox/Gecko, not Fennec. Fennec on the N900 is still pretty slow.