South East Asian Internet and Media trends

Net Index 2010, a survey by TNS (Kantar Media), Nielsen, Synovate and Yahoo! has released some interesting information regarding the S. E. Asian Internet and media consumption trends in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Yahoo! S.E Asia releases study on Internet trends and media consumptions

Some key findings:

* Indonesia, the largest and fastest growing online market in Southeast Asia, has recorded a jump from 22% (2009) to 48% (2010)
* Internet cafés in Indonesia are gradually losing ground to Mobile as dominant Internet access point. A decline of 19% has been recorded in Internet access through cafes; 83% in 2009 to 64% in 2010
* In Vietnam, mobile Internet access is picking up fast, nearly doubling year-to-year, from 10% (2008) to 19% (2009). Popular activities are searching for information and listening to music
* User generated content and community building is driving this trend in some markets like Vietnam, where it occupies the largest share (47%) among social media activities.
* Search, in the Philippines has grown significantly from 58% to 76% to become the dominant online activity, surpassing email and instant messaging
* Social media in the Philippines is primarily used to stay in touch with friends and family (66%), send emails (64%) and for online chats (63%)
* Spread of digital media is changing the way Malaysians are consuming information, particularly news. Key news sources are; online newspapers (53%), Internet portals (47%) and local news sites (46%)
* In Malaysia, online music and video has attracted significant interest with 51% uploading/downloading music files online and 54 % watching video clips online. Over a third of users also play games online – dominated by younger males.

Additional information on mobile users in Indonesia is also summarized at the Yahoo! blog post.

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  1. Wow nice information… 😀
    Im from Indonesia.

    In here many affordable operator telecommunication, and in Indonesia was happen tariff wars between other operator.