Learn Javascript In Manga

This was so awesome I had to share this on Planet: Asiajin – Learn Javascript In Manga

NOTE: this content is only available in Japanese.  (English JavaScript users have a LOT more resources to learn JavaScript than Japanese users…)

マンガで分かる JavaScriptプログラミング講座 (The manga guide to JavaScript Programming Course) is an online web manga (Japanese style comic) for novice programmers to study JavaScript programming language by themselves. In a story, three high-school students learn JavaScript from a teacher in a year. 4 Chapters, 23 sections, 153 pages this manga covers the basics of JavaScript, objects, array, regular expression, DOM, event handler, style sheet, cookies, jQuery, bookmarklet, WSH, HTA, etc.

4 Responses to Learn Javascript In Manga

  1. Sadly, untranslated and thus useless for non-Japanese readers…

  2. What? No giant robots?


  3. Quite a few books in that series *are* available in English, like the Manga Guide to Databases. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s fan translations of some of the others out there…

  4. wow… Nice 😀