Mozilla Indonesia community update

On September 27th, Mitchell Baker visited Jakarta for a number of media interviews and a community gathering organized by Viking Karwur.

This was the first time Mitchell had visited Indonesia for Mozilla, and as such there was high demand to interview her, not only because of the success of Firefox globally, but also because Firefox enjoys a commanding market share in the Indonesian Internet market.

Mitchell started out with an interview at MetroTV with Timothy Marbun. We had originally hoped for Mitchell to get onto MetroTV’s morning news show, Indonesia Now, however, her plane was delayed and she missed the live taping window.

preparations for Mitchell's interview at MetroTV (Jakarta)
Mitchell prepping for the interview with Timothy Marbun of MetroTV.

Mitchell & Timothy Marbun (MetroTV)

Mitchell and Timothy Marbun (MetroTV)

After the TV interview, we traveled to the hotel where the rest of the media interviews were scheduled. Mitchell was interviewed by a number of key media resulting in articles such as:

Wawancara dengan Bos Mozilla Mitchell Baker (Vivanews)

Firefox Siap Hadang Browser Anyar Microsoft (Detik)

Sosok Nyentrik di Balik Kesuksesan Firefox (Detik)

Ponsel Futuristik di Mata Bos Firefox (Detik)

Mozilla Takkan Usung Premium Add-On (Detik)
Pemasukan Kami dari Google” – Yahoo! Indonesia News

Mitchell Baker, Wanita ‘Rubah Api’ Dibalik Kesuksesan Firefox (Okezone)

Di Negara Asalnya Mozilla Firefox Tidak Populer (Okezone)

Mozilla Kembangkan Layanan Jejaring Sosial? (Okezone)

70% Gunakan Firefox, Indonesia Penting bagi Mozilla (Okezone)

Firefox Mobile Siap Menyasar Semua Platform (Okezone)

After the interviews, we moved on to the community gathering. We had almost 170 people registered to attend and we were concerned about overcrowding because the venue was smaller than this number, but due to very heavy rains in Jakarta that evening a number of people who had planned to attend could not. Still we had well over 100 enthusiastic attendees, including a number of old friends from my May trip.

Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup: Jakarta, Indonesia | Sep 27

Kumi and Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup

So how on earth did Firefox reach 70% market share in Indonesia?

The community meetup was a chance to make a number of announcements including,
Kumi fox
– the winner of the mascot naming contest; ‘Kumi’ is the Indonesian Firefox mascot’s name.

– the announcement that Mozilla will partner with Pesta Blogger 2010 and Gen Kanai and William Quiviger from Mozilla will participate;

'Kumi' fox mascot, cake & papercraft

Cake made by a friend of the Indonesian Firefox localizer Romi Hardiyanto AND the papercraft ‘Kumi fox’ mascot of the Mozilla Indonesia community.

We will be distributing the papercraft doll via PDF asap from the Mozilla Indonesia community site so you can print and make your own.

Mitchell & Viking

Mitchell and Viking Karwur


Thank you to Viking and Romi and everyone else who helped make this first official Mozilla event a big success. We’ll be back for PestaBlogger and are actively considering what to do for 2010 and beyond.

Also additional photos by Naif Al’as

Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup

some of the Mozilla Indonesia community

Finally a copy of my presentation to
View more presentations from Gen Kanai.

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  1. Visit more often! Let’s bring more meetups! 🙂

  2. Kumi is vastly superior to Foxkeh! She looks brilliant!

  3. Nice to have Mozilla, especially you Gen, here in Jakarta.
    Hopefully you visit more often.
    See you at Pesta Blogger 2010 next month.

  4. Kumi cake made by Fiona from
    I really wish I can join you gen and william also in PB2010…