Firefox in Thailand – 2010 update

In preparation for attending and participating in BarCamp Bangkok 4 later this month, I wanted to get a quick update as to the status of Firefox in Thailand.

As of September 2010,, a Thai-based statistics firm has this data for browser market share in Thailand.

Thailand browser market share (

I don’t know enough about’s methodologies, their sample size, etc. but if we take them at face value, the breakdown is as such:

  • 75.16% on Internet Explorer (either 6, 7 or 8 )
  • 15.25% on Firefox (from Mozilla’s internal data, 83% on Firefox 3.6, 13% on Firefox 3.5, yes I know that does not add up to 100%)
  • 6% on Chrome
  • 1.6% on Safari.

Looking at the trends from, Firefox hit 15% share in December of 2009 and then dropped 4% points in 1 month and has slowly gained all of that back in 2010. It’s not clear what could have caused such a drastic drop in share in 1 month other than a change in how the data was taken.

Google Chrome has been growing steadily since launch.  In August of 2010, Google did a Chrome marketing event promoting the Thai version of Chrome, (Google Chrome set to make mark in Thailand, Google Chrome for Thai users) and that may also contribute to Chrome’s growth.

William, Dietrich and I will all be at BarCamp Bangkok 4 and are looking forward to hearing from Firefox users in Thailand as well as those who used to use Firefox and may not use it anymore. Whatever browser you use, we hope to see you there too!

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  1. I’m now avidly following this blog, by the way — looking forward to being educated about the Asia browser market 🙂