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Community Town Hall Asia meeting – Feb. 8th

As promised in my previous post, the Contributor Engagement Town Hall meeting for Asia will be scheduled for Feb. 8th at 4:00 UTC/GMT as this is the time that is available to the widest number of participants. This means that it will be:

09:30 Colombo
11:00 Jakarta
12:00 Manila
12:00 Taipei
13:00 Seoul
13:00 Tokyo

We have participants from: Sri Lanka, India, S. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

We do NOT have participants from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore at this time.

I’ve debated a few different ideas around how best to hold a conference call and I think Skype is the best bet as it will be free and we should be fine with the current number of participants. If you are joining the call via Skype, please be sure to mute your audio until you are asking a question. That should help call quality.

For those of you who’s contact information I do not have, namely Arpit and Ernest Chiang, please email me your contact information as well as your Skype ID so I can add you in advance of the call.

We will be using #mozillians as our chat channel for the call. You are welcome to join the call but I will put preference on the community members who registered their availability at first.

If you have questions about Mozilla’s community activities or plans for 2011, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post, please join the call or irc chat in real time, or email me at gen at mozilla dot com and I’ll do my best to address as many questions as I can during the call.

Thank you and looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion.

Contributor Engagement Asia town hall meeting planning

As 2011 starts, I am happy to be working with a newly created team, Contributor Engagement, to help Mozilla communities in Asia contribute to Mozilla. Team-mates of mine, Mary Colvig and David Boswell and William Quiviger have all blogged recently about our new team and efforts.

To that end, we are scheduling a ‘town hall meeting’ for Asian Mozilla community members next week, either Monday, February 7th, Tuesday, February 8th, or Wednesday, February 9th. This meeting would be a conference call and IRC chat to discuss contribution at Mozilla — what you enjoy about it, what could be improved, what tools you could use to make it easier to contribute to Mozilla, updates + happenings with Mozilla and so on. To start, we’d like to give an overview of the new team, share some very early 2011 plans and most importantly, get some feedback.

If you are a Mozilla community member in Asia and would like to join this call, I have selected 3 days and 5 time slots per day. Please check this poll at and select the time slots that are best for you.


I will publish the most popular time and conference call information on this blog. Please watch this blog for details of the conference call. If you have any questions about this conference call or any other question about Mozilla’s communities in Asia, please do not hesitate to contact me at gen at mozilla dot com.