Firefox at 16 percent share in Thailand

Jon Russell at the Asian Correspondent points us to a Bangkok Post article, Internet use increases but Thai sites lagging behind, covering statistics on Internet usage in Thailand taken from (a Thailand-based firm tracking many key statistics.)

For web browsers, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer controlled a 65.6% share last year, a decline of 13 percentage points from 2009. Mozilla’s Firefox increased its share from 2.7% to 15.9%, while Google Chrome rose from 8.4% to 11.8%.

Truehits also provided a list of the top 10 Thai websites which are:,,,,,,,,, and

2 Responses to Firefox at 16 percent share in Thailand

  1. Hey Gen,

    Thanks for the mention: great to see Firefox making progress alongside Chrome. For too long Thailand has been overly dependent on IE when variety is the spice of life.


  2. I hope Mozilla Firefox in the 2012 will have the biggest share and surpass Internet Explorer.