Zed Shaw on the GPL

EDIT: thanks to a comment by njn and others on Twitter, I know know that post by Zed is 2 years old

Very interesting blog post by Zed Shaw on why he chooses the GPL over other licenses. Emphasis and bold is my own.

I’ll always be an open source developer, but quite frankly, we’re dying off because the companies who use our software do not give back. The irony of the situation is that, in order to improve my motivation to do open source, I have to charge for it.

I obviously won’t ever charge an open source project, since they are honoring the unwritten contract: If I give, you give.

But the days of quick-flip corporations and ingrate programmers making money on my software are over. My new motto is:

Open source to open source, corporation to corporation.

If you do open source, you’re my hero and I support you. If you’re a corporation, let’s talk business.

Why I (A/L)GPL

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  1. BTW, this post is two years old and he’s since changed his mind: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/llw0s/zed_shaw_on_gpl/c2tt5e3