Why South Korea is really an internet dinosaur

2012 update to the 2007 Cost of Monoculture in Korea


The Economist explains: Why South Korea is really an internet dinosaur

Last year Freedom House, an American NGO, ranked South Korea’s internet as only “partly free”. Reporters without Borders has placed it on a list of countries “under surveillance”, alongside Egypt, Thailand and Russia, in its report on “Enemies of the Internet”. Is forward-looking South Korea actually rather backward?

2 Responses to Why South Korea is really an internet dinosaur

  1. Daniel Glazman

    Two things:

    1. The Economist should look at its own country host, where all communications are observed by NSA and his UK counterpart… And the UK are well known in Europe for harbouring fanatics of all kinds despite of complaints from other EU countries, they even refused to extradite them for decades; they discovered it was a stupid idea when terror attacks hit London. In short, give lessons to the rest of the word only if you’re clean yourself.

    2. Korea’s network offers fiber-based Gigabit to so many people in the country it’s going to be harder and harder to monitor that. Furthermore, The Economist completely forgets Korea is a country in permanent state of war with a rather dangerous and crazy neighbour.

  2. Daniel- good points! They also didn’t cover the whole active-x mess either.