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Mozilla meetup in Cambodia Jan. 23

John O’Duinn’s Mozilla meetup in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Jan. 23rd has been confirmed:

We’ll be meeting at East-West Management Institute, House #43, Street 208, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Events formally go from 2pm-5pm Monday 23rd January, 2012; at 7pm, we’ll head over to Romdeng, House# 74, Street 174, Phnom Penh for dinner+drinks+chat.

If you are interested in helping to make the Khmer Firefox a reality, helping to promote Mozilla in Cambodia, please join John and Vannak and the EWMI team on Monday.

Khmer Firefox on Aurora; meetup in Cambodia

Open Cambodia 2011

Thanks to Gunnar from the Mozilla Foundation, Arky from the l10n team, and Mark West from the East-West Management Institute in Cambodia, Mozilla was able to co-sponsor the Open Cambodia workshop in late August.

The event is a specialized, exclusive session for local Open Sourcers – bloggers, coders, and designers who share the Open Source ethic – to attend before Bar Camp. This session is a unique opportunity to learn about the relationship between Open Source and civil society issues, such as: protecting the Open Web from Internet censorship, the benefits of continuing to develop “indigenous” (Khmer) Open Source tools, and using web-based Open Source security tactics to improve data collection for both the public and private sector. This event is a special, exclusive opportunity to spend two days with these American experts leading into late October’s Barcamp meeting.

The largest Cambodian online news source, Sabay, covered the event as did the Cambodia Daily (English.)

Mekhala browser, Moyura mail, KhmerOS

One of the serendipitous connections I made recently in Malaysia was with Chantra Be of the KhmerOS project, who are providing a completely localized operating system and applications to computer users in Cambodia, who have never been provided a localized computer operating system in the past.

KhmerOS is based on Open Suse Linux and also ships with a Gecko-based browser called Mekhala and a Gecko-based mail client called Moyura.

Mekhala - Khmer browser

Moyura - Khmer mail client

Via Chantra, the KhmerOS team is considering whether they might be willing to help Mozilla with a Khmer localization for Firefox and Thunderbird as well. This would be for post 3.5. More information when I have more to share.