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Mozilla at Echelon 2010, Singapore

My colleague, Shyam Mani, and I will be at Echelon 2010 this week, which looks to be one of the most exciting Internet events in Asia this year. Over 750 participants from all across Asia, it’s quite an accomplishment and congratulations to the e27 organizers.

I’m speaking about Addons on Tuesday morning, and will be around for the rest of the event gathering feedback from participants and sharing the news about what’s going on at Mozilla with mobile, Firefox 4, etc.

In unrelated news, I’m looking forward to some authentic chicken rice!

Weave server in 200 lines of Python

It’s always interesting when worlds collide.

Yesterday my friend Fazal Majid, who I have known for years from his excellent blog, wrote about implementing his own local copy of Weave in 200 lines of Python.

I’ve notified the Weave team at Mozilla and they’re looking forward to meeting with Fazal and moving his code to version control so that it can be updated and shared with more Weave fans.

Thanks to Fazal for releasing his code into the public domain for reuse.

Ubiquity – Command the Web with Language

Mitcho‘s presentation on the localization of Ubiquity at Tokyo 2.0 last night is up on Vimeo: Ubiquity: Command the Web with Language 言葉で操作する Web.

Ubiquity: Command the Web with Language 言葉で操作する Web from mitcho on Vimeo.

Slides here on SlideShare

Mozilla in Indonesia

In a recent post at Ken Kovash’s Blog of Metrics regarding Firefox in Latvia passing 50% market share, Indonesia was ranked at 63% market share. With such a love for Firefox, it’s also great to see that Indonesia has finally had it’s first Mozilla event last month.

Romi Hardiyanto, Mozilla’s localizer for Bahasa Indonesia, led an afternoon of presentations on Add-ons for Mozilla at ITS Surabaya, a university in the second-largest city in Indonesia. Romi has a great write-up of the event, Mozilla Day at ITS, at the brand new Mozilla Indonesia blog.

A photo of the students

The People

HΛniF: Hadits, Now in Firefox

HΛniF Presentation

Photos from the event are available at Romi’s Flickr, Aini-san’s Picasa and Kiki’s Facebook.

I would like to take a moment to thank Romi Hardiyanto, Mozilla’s tireless Bahasa Indonesia localizer for Firefox who, in addition to localizing Firefox for Indonesians, is also working to spread Firefox farther in Indonesia. Thank you Romi!

This event would also not have happened without the support and coordination of Nur’ Aini Rakhmawati of ITS Surabaya who hosted the event. Thank you Aini-san!

Thank you also goes to Mary Colvig who provided support from Marketing/Events.

Since there has been so much interest in Add-ons in Indonesia, we would like to explore the possibility of doing a similar or related Mozilla-focused event in Jakarta later this year, after the launch of Firefox 3.5.  If you would like to have a Mozilla event in Jakarta, please feel free to comment and leave your email so we can contact you.  We are looking for people in Jakarta who would volunteer to help us with some of the organizational work to create such an event.

Here is Romi Hardiyanto’s presentation on Add-ons (in Bahasa Indonesia, not English.)


Here is Kiki Ahmadi‘s presentation on the PureZilla add-on.

Thank you Romi and Aini-san and everyone who made Mozilla’s first event in Indonesia a success!

Romi Hardiyanto

Indonesia Mozilla add-ons presentation – April 24

I am happy to announce that our localizer for Bahasa Indonesia Firefox, Romi Hardiyanto, is giving a presentation on Mozilla Add-ons development at Information System Department Park, ITS Campus Sukolilo, Surabaya, Indonesia on April 24th at 14:00. Similar details are at Spread Firefox:

Indonesia Mozilla Add-ons development talk – Spread Firefox

UPDATE: the maximum capacity for the event is 150 attendees.

UPDATE: the HΛniF project and PureZilla will be presented

This event is open to non-ITS students. If you would like to attend, please contact me via email (see link at Spread Firefox) or please leave a comment on this blog with your email and I will forward your names to the professor.

I would like to take this moment to thank Professor Nur Aini Rakhmawati Gunawan of the IT faculty of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember for hosting this event and making this event happen.

Firefox add-on wins Yahoo! Kimo Open Hack Day

This news is a few weeks old but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a Firefox add-on, built by a team called kekeke, was the winner of the 2008 Yahoo! Kimo (Taiwan) Open Hack Day. If anyone has any more information about the team who won, or the add-on that was developed, please leave a comment.

The winners, kekeke, wrote a Firefox extension which allows users to select any keyword on any website and receive a summary of several Yahoo API search results (Flickr, Map, Knowlege Plus, and Lifestyle), without opening a new browser window. More relevant results will display in a stronger colour and users can save for later, or share results with friends.

more great links, versione due!

Mozilla Firefox for “goo Green Label”

Earlier this week, Mozilla Japan announced a new partnership with a leading portal site in Japan, NTT Resonant’s “goo” portal. “goo” has been a supporter of Firefox in Japan for some time and a few months ago they came to us with a proposal for a new distribution of Firefox to support their “goo Green Label” search service, which donates a portion of the funds generated by the search advertising to an environmental not-for-profit. Mozilla Japan was honored to work with NTT Resonant on such a project and we debuted the Mozilla Firefox for goo Green Label last Tuesday. If you are using Firefox currently, you can try the goo Green Label add-on for Firefox in English. It involves an eco/green theme, a new search plugin, and a small tree next to the home button that grows with the number of searches you do.

Nagai-san and Sawamura-san of NTT Resonant, who were instrumental in making this project happen, were also kind enough to be interviewed about this project after the press launch (unfortunately only in Japanese.)
Firefox と仲間たち 第 3 回 永井孝久さん・澤村正樹さん (NTT レゾナント)

The Japanese press was very interested in this new partnership and drew parallels between how people contribute to open source software and how others contribute to environmental efforts or projects. We were lucky enough to have over 20 articles written about the event online and at least 3 newspaper articles as well.

IT media

環境保護をテーマにしたブラウザ「緑のgoo版 Firefox」公開

IT Pro
「緑のgoo」と「Firefox」が合体,検索すれば環境保護に貢献できるブラウザを全世 界に配布

IT Pro(日経パソコンオンライン)

CNET Japan
gooとMozillaが「緑のgoo版 Mozilla Firefox」–検索バーを利用するほど環境保護に貢献

BroadBand Watch
goo、検索の収益を環境保護団体に寄付する「緑のgoo版 Firefox」


Mycom Journal
Greenfox登場? 環境保護がテーマの「緑のgoo版 Firefox」提供へ

Mycom Journal

RBB Today
検索回数に応じて樹木が成長〜環境保護をテーマにしたブラウザ「緑のgoo版 Mozilla Firefox」

Mado no Mori
goo、Web検索するだけで環境保護活動に貢献できる「緑のgoo版 Firefox」を公開

Kaori Negoro, Marketing Manger for Mozilla Japan, also interviewed the managers who were responsible for the Mozilla Firefox for “goo Green Label” project for the Foxkeh (Japanese) weblog.

フォクすけと行く Firefoxと仲間たち 第3回 緑のgoo(NTTレゾナント)

A number of bloggers in Japan who often follow the movements of Mozilla in Japan were interested in this new effort and shared their thoughts on their blogs.

Ryuzi Kambe さん


Piro さん

Amigomr さん

Mozilla Japan thanks NTT Resonant and the goo team for what we hope will be a long-running and successful partnership to support their goo Green Label service.

Firefox Developers Conference 2007 – Tokyo

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we’re over 150 attendees signed up for our Firefox Developers Conference 2007, June 16th, 2007 here in rainy Tokyo. We’re almost at capacity and we’re delighted that so many developers and community members will be joining us for a full day of discussions and presentations related to extensions and Firefox.

QQ Bookmark for Firefox

Gang Lu of Mobinode reports that Tencent has launched a Firefox plugin for their QQ service.  This is important because QQ is probably the most widely used consumer Internet service in China.