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Firefox in Fijian

A few weeks ago, Franck Martin emailed me to let me know that a group that he is working with is localizing Firefox into Fijian. If you’d like more information or would like to contribute to the Fijian Firefox, please contact Franck at Avonsys.  We look forward to have Firefox in Fijian as an official localization in the near future.

Firefox in Fijian

The team is made up of ICT Officers Navishkar Rao, Atama Seru and Rupeni Joji lead by Chief Technology Officer, Franck Martin.

Rao says that a Fijian translated version can be useful in Fijian language studies and can be a great introductory tool to web browsing, “especially for those that may not have a great grasp on English”.

He adds that those unable to understand English will be able to navigate their way around the worldwide web just as easily as any other English speaking individual.

“We’ve just torn down the language barrier, allowing Fijian speaking users the privilege of navigating the web.”

Avonsys makes an alpha release of the world’s first ever Fijian Web browser