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Learn Javascript In Manga

This was so awesome I had to share this on Planet: Asiajin – Learn Javascript In Manga

NOTE: this content is only available in Japanese.  (English JavaScript users have a LOT more resources to learn JavaScript than Japanese users…)

マンガで分かる JavaScriptプログラミング講座 (The manga guide to JavaScript Programming Course) is an online web manga (Japanese style comic) for novice programmers to study JavaScript programming language by themselves. In a story, three high-school students learn JavaScript from a teacher in a year. 4 Chapters, 23 sections, 153 pages this manga covers the basics of JavaScript, objects, array, regular expression, DOM, event handler, style sheet, cookies, jQuery, bookmarklet, WSH, HTA, etc.

Mozilla sponsoring ROFLCon, April 25-26, Boston

Just a quick note to those of you who are in or near Boston.

Mozilla is sponsoring the first (?) conference on Internet memes: ROFLCon.

Mozilla Partners Up With ROFLCon

A number of friends of mine, including Anil Dash, Matthew Haughey, David Weinberger, and Joshua Schachter will be speaking so I highly recommend you go. I’m sorry to miss this one.

a comparison of browsers…

I heard this comparison of web browsers was on digg but I’m not about to go look for it.

Tony Snow “no backup of the Internet”

OMG LOL – Breaking New [Onion News Network]

Please, I Can Has Firefox?

 via and Rob Lee’s Flickr.

Firefox: Still Saving the Web!

Jeff Waugh on Steve Jobs – Firefox: Still Saving the Web!

Very funny 🙂

Steve Jobs uses Firefox

or so “Steve Jobs” says… 🙂

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Confession: I use Firefox

OSS from Kingman, Arizona

This is a little ‘inside baseball’ but it was kinda funny to watch Stephen Colbert make fun of open source software during his introduction of Viacom CEO, Philippe Dauman, at the D Conference.

Stephen Colbert Comedy Central Intro for Philippe Dauman