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Analyse Asia – The Firefox Browser & Mobile OS with Gen Kanai

I had the pleasure to sit down with Bernard Leong, host of the Analyse Asia podcast, after my keynote presentation at FOSSASIA 2015. Please enjoy our discussion on Firefox, Firefox OS in Asia and other related topics.

Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong, Episode 22: The Firefox Browser & Mobile OS with Gen Kanai


Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011

I’m preparing for our Mozilla meetup in Malaysia this evening but wanted to publish the presentation I gave yesterday at the 2011 Malaysia Open Source Conference in Penang.

I want to thank my colleagues at Mozilla, Chris Heilmann and Robert Nyman, as their presentations provided significant inspiration and content for my own presentation.

I wanted to thank the MOSC 2011 secretariat for the invitation to speak and the coordination for the event.

Introduction to WebGL – BarCamp Bangkok 4

Here are my notes on my “introduction to WebGL” talk from BarCamp Bangkok 4.

NOTE: I said that Firefox 4 beta 6 shipped with WebGL on by default. That’s not true. One needs to go into about:config, search for ‘webgl’ and switch “webgl.enabled_for_all_sites” to ‘true’. Hopefully beta 7 will ship with WebGL on by default.

UPDATE: excellent overview video by Mozilla engineer Vlad Vukićević:
WebGL: Bringing 3D to the Web – 2010 GPU Technology Conference

Introduction to WebGL: 3D on the web
BarCamp Bangkok 4 (2010), Sripatum University


What is WebGL?

  • Web platform API for accelerated 3D rendering
  • OpenGL ES in JavaScript
  • available in Firefox 4 beta, Chromium, Webkit nightly

History of WebGL

  • early prototype by Vladimir Vukićević (Mozilla) in 2006
  • March 2009 – Khronos Working Group: Mozilla, Google, Apple, Opera
  • December 2009 – WebGL draft


  • Web browser: WebGL
  • OS drivers: OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Direct3D
  • Graphics Hardware


  • Firefox on Android, Maemo/Meego
  • Webkit? (Android?)

Applications of WebGL

  • gaming
  • visualization
  • marketing
  • other?

WebGL developer libraries


Thank you


Learn Javascript In Manga

This was so awesome I had to share this on Planet: Asiajin – Learn Javascript In Manga

NOTE: this content is only available in Japanese.  (English JavaScript users have a LOT more resources to learn JavaScript than Japanese users…)

マンガで分かる JavaScriptプログラミング講座 (The manga guide to JavaScript Programming Course) is an online web manga (Japanese style comic) for novice programmers to study JavaScript programming language by themselves. In a story, three high-school students learn JavaScript from a teacher in a year. 4 Chapters, 23 sections, 153 pages this manga covers the basics of JavaScript, objects, array, regular expression, DOM, event handler, style sheet, cookies, jQuery, bookmarklet, WSH, HTA, etc.

Firefox Developers Conference 2009 (Tokyo)

Just a quick note to let you know that the 2009 Firefox Developers Conference in Tokyo will be on Sunday, Nov. 8th

Firefox Developers Conference 2009 – アドオンで Web の未来を切り開く!

The theme of this year’s developer conference is Add-ons, including Jetpack. The event is free but registration is required. Mozilla’s Aza Raskin and Chris Blizzard’s keynotes will be in English, but the rest of the presentations will be in Japanese.

If you would like to attend but do not read/write Japanese, please leave a comment here and I can help get you registered.  Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: for review, also take a look at the Firefox Developer Conference Summer 2007.

Ubiquity – Command the Web with Language

Mitcho‘s presentation on the localization of Ubiquity at Tokyo 2.0 last night is up on Vimeo: Ubiquity: Command the Web with Language 言葉で操作する Web.

Ubiquity: Command the Web with Language 言葉で操作する Web from mitcho on Vimeo.

Slides here on SlideShare

3D in JavaScript and Canvas

Japanese programmer and blogger, Yusuke Kawasaki, has a nice post looking at various efforts around 3D in the browser with JavaScript and Canvas since 2006: The history of JavaScript’s 3D tech development.

Before most of popular browsers start to support canvas “3d” context, we JavaScript developers have struggled how to implement to enable 3D by JavaScript without any extensions like Java, Flash, etc. Here is a part of the history of JavaScript’s 3D tech development.

Kawasaki-san also covered Satoshi Ueyama‘s recent work on 3D in JS and Canvas back in February, if you had missed it: Incredible JavaScript+Canvas 3D demos from Japan!

Ueyama-san, the programmer who made those 3D demos, is the same programmer who did those Gecko reflow videos (Japanese) that were widely blogged about and discussed at Doug Turner’s blog: What is a reflow?

EDIT: Unfortunately those reflow videos are no longer available at Google Video (grrr). I’ll see if Ueyama-san can upload them to a different video hosting site.

EDIT 2: Gecko reflow videos have been moved to Youtube thanks to Ueyama-san!

Gecko Reflow Visualization –

Gecko Reflow Visualization –

Gecko Reflow Visualization – Wikipedia

interview with Brendan Eich

I really enjoyed this recent interview with Brendan Eich that Ben Galbraith & Dion Almaer of Ajaxian did back in 2007. It was slightly technical in parts but mostly talking about Mozilla and JavaScript history as well as Brendan’s own chosen path.

If the future interviews in this new Tech Luminaries series are as good, it wll be a great podcast.

Canvas 3D & Flickr

Pretty slick Canvas demo: Canvas 3D & Flickr

More info here: Canvas in full 3D

via Mona Nomura

TraceMonkey vs. V8

Lest anyone think Mozilla isn’t keenly focused on the speed of our next-generation JavaScript engine, TraceMonkey, Brendan Eich shares the news about where TraceMonkey stands vs. Google Chrome’s new V8 JS engine: Brendan’s Roadmap Updates – TraceMonkey Update.

TraceMonkey vs. V8

More details at Brendan’s blog post.
UPDATE: Andreas Gal and Mike Shaver also share comments on TraceMonkey.