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MozCamp 2011 wrapup

In November, Mozilla’s Contributor Engagement team (the team I am on) worked hard to produce two MozCamp events on back-to-back weekends in Germany and Malaysia. Between MozCamp EU (Berlin) and MozCamp Asia (Kuala Lumpur), we gathered over 450 core contributors of the Mozilla project and shared lots of important information about the project, our goals, our challenges and what we’re planning for 2012.

Heros of MozCamp 2011
I want to take a moment to thank everyone who was involved in making our MozCamps in Berlin and KL successful. Specifically, I’d like to thank:
Havi Hoffman, Laura Forrest, Dave Berz, Zandr Milewski, Shyam Mani, Paul Rouget, Greg Jost, Lee Tom, Sean Martell, Atul Varma, Spencer Hui, Team Baked Goods and all participants & speakers for making the events as memorable as they were for everyone who participated.

Please enjoy a short video covering both MozCamp events.

The post-events presentation is available here:

MozCamp wrapup 2011

We also have video of the presentation which is being edited and when I have it, I’ll add it to this post.

Save the date! Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 – Kuala Lumpur (Nov 19-20)


Guest posting here while Gen is away on vacation, I’m thrilled to announce that the first ever Mozilla Camp Asia will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 19th-20th, 2011, exactly one week after the Mozilla Camp Europe in Berlin.

For those who aren’t familiar with the event, Mozilla Camp (aka MozCamp) is a large 2-day regional Mozilla summit that brings together Mozilla staff and active contributors from a given region for a (intense!) weekend of presentations, discussions, brainstorms, workshops, hackathons around specific areas of the Mozilla project, all with a special focus on the region. The event is, of course, also the opportunity for Mozillians to meet in person, to put a face on a lot of quirky IRC nicknames, and to spend some quality time together!

That’s all for now. Save the date in your calendar and make sure to tune in regularly on this blog as Gen will be giving regular updates and more detailed information on the Mozilla Camp Asia, on the schedule and on the sponsorship policy for participants.


Stay tuned!
(photo credit nina.bruja under CC-SA)

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011

I’m preparing for our Mozilla meetup in Malaysia this evening but wanted to publish the presentation I gave yesterday at the 2011 Malaysia Open Source Conference in Penang.

I want to thank my colleagues at Mozilla, Chris Heilmann and Robert Nyman, as their presentations provided significant inspiration and content for my own presentation.

I wanted to thank the MOSC 2011 secretariat for the invitation to speak and the coordination for the event.

Mozilla Malaysia meetup in Kuala Lumpur- July 6

On July 6th, we will hold a meetup for those who are interested in starting a Mozilla community in Malaysia at Marmalade in Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur, starting at 19:00.

This is a gathering for anyone who:

  • might be interested in starting a Mozilla community in Malaysia
  • might be interested in localizing Firefox or Thunderbird into Malaysian
  • might be interested in starting a Drumbeat community in Malaysia
  • is interested in open source software and or promotion of the open web

More details and sign-up are here:

Note: I’ve capped the dinner sign-ups to 30 45. If we get more than 30 45 interested, please come meet us at the Starbucks right near Marmalade Bangsar after 9 pm on July 6th.

For those of you who cannot attend the meetup (and for those of you who are planning to attend), we have started a new mailing list for the community in Malaysia. Please join this list to follow the discussion:

I look forward to the discussion both at the meetup and online at the mailing list!

Mozilla at 2009 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference

I’m attending the 2009 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference.

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference

See more photos at Facebook | Sumardi Shukor’s Photos – MSCOSCONF2009 – Conference Day 1

For some background on this event, Yoon Kit has a good overview of how far the Malaysian government has come but also has some good constructive criticism for the organizers of the event. I highly recommend his blog post at Open Malaysia Blog – MSCOSCONF.

In the morning of the first day, I gave a presentation in the Community Track. I was scheduled to talk about Firefox 3.5, Fennec and Bespin, but at the last minute I decided to change my presentation to focus on HTML 5 and web standards. I did not want to come off as just focusing on Mozilla software so I decided to re-do my presentation to this:

Open Source Powers the Open Web: HTML 5, JavaScript, and the importance of open web standards (download in OpenOffice Impress format or pdf format.)

In the afternoon, I was on a panel discussion about open source and innovation.

Can Open Source bring about your next Innovation Breakthrough ?

Panel Speakers
1.Dato’ Dr. Kamaljit Singh, GIRC
2. Tengku Farith Rithaudeen, SKALI
3. Gen Kanai, Mozilla Corp
4. Ang Chin Han, Bytecraft

MODERATOR: Dr. Raslan Ahmad, MOSTI

Download my presentation in OpenOffice Impress and pdf.

I sometimes use Slideshare, and if that’s what folks would prefer, I can upload the presentations to Slideshare but I spent a portion of my presentation slagging Flash so it seemed a bit strange to then go use Slideshare (which is all Flash.)

I’m happy to take questions via email or via comments to my blog.  Unfortunately the network connection at the conference was not as stable as I needed it to be to demonstrate some of the heavier open video demos, so if you came to my presentations, please download them to see the links to the demos I wanted to show.

See you at BarCamp Kuala Lumpur 2009

If you’re going to BarCamp KL this weekend, (April 4-5, 2009) please feel free to leave a note and say hello if you see me. This will be my first trip to Malaysia so I’m very excited to meet everyone and learn about the Internet in Malaysia.

Bahasa Malaysia Mozilla Firefox

As I head towards Kuala Lumpur this weekend for BarCamp Kuala Lumpur 2009, it is a good time to note that we are looking for additional contributors to help finish the Bahasa Malaysia Mozilla Firefox. We want to thank the Malaysian localizers who have contributed to date (Malay blog) but with less than half of the strings localized (look for “ms” on the dashboard), we are looking for additional devoted volunteers to step in to finish this locale. I should note that due to the queue of locales scheduled to date, we cannot promise that this locale can ship with the up coming Firefox 3.5 release but will be scheduled for some time after the 3.5 launch.

For those who might be considering joining the existing process, please take a moment to look at a number of pages on Mozilla’s wiki regarding our localization processes including, L10n:Localization Process, L10n:Home Page, L10n:Web parts, and Firefox web services guidelines, as well as the excellent blog post from my colleague Seth’s blog: Helpful Mozilla localization documentation.

The relatively new Mozilla community in Thailand is a great example of a committed localization team who came together over the Internet, pooled their strengths to work on the localization effort over a number of months, which resulted in strong demand for Firefox in Thailand. While there are any number of ways that Firefox is localized, and many amazing individuals and teams across the globe, the Mozilla Thai community is an example of a new Mozilla l10n team in South East Asia who I have personally seen in action.

If you will be at BarCamp KL this weekend, please do not hesitate to say hello or ask me about anything related to Mozilla or Firefox.