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delicious links – March 26th

Links of note today, March 26th.

Chris Beard and Mozilla Labs in Tokyo

Last week Mozilla Labs GM Chris Beard was in Tokyo to present on the his view of the future of the web at ZDNet Japan’s builder tech day – open API & beyond event and the (Japan) Open Source Conference 2008 Spring.

Chris gave a presentation introducing Mozilla Labs, which was the first presentation of the Labs projects (Prism, Weave, Personas, etc.) in Japan.  Chris’s presentation was basically only images, and I don’t think we have video anywhere (unfortunately) so we’ll have to wait for the next Labs presentation for something people can download.  You can see most of the screenshots of the presentations in the photo galleries linked below.

News coverage:

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Photo galleries:

Many thanks to Chris for coming out to Tokyo and thank you to all of the Mozillagumi volunteers for helping staff the booth and prepare the user questionnaire.  Thank you to CNet Japan for hosting and Six Apart Japan, Seki-san, David Recordon & Miyagawa-san for the initial event planning.