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Steve Yegge on Rhino

Steve Yegge (of Google) writes a lengthy post “Code’s Worst Enemy” on the various merits and demerits of various programming languages. He winds up endorsing Mozilla Rhino for the projects he is and will be working on in the future.  This is great news for Rhino as well as for the JavaScript programming community.

As it happens, though, I’ve settled on Rhino. I’ll be working with the Rhino dev team to help bring it up to spec with EcmaScript Edition 4. I believe that ES4 brings JavaScript to rough parity with Ruby and Python in terms of (a) expressiveness and (b) the ability to structure and manage larger code bases. Anything it lacks in sugar, it more than makes up for with its optional type annotations. And I think JavaScript (especially on ES4 steroids) is an easier sell than Ruby or Python to people who like curly braces, which is anyone currently using C++, Java, C#, JavaScript or Perl. That’s a whooole lot of curly brace lovers. I’m nothing if not practical these days.

When you’re ready to make the switch, well, Mozilla Rhino will be ready for you. It works great today and will be absolutely outstanding a year from now. And I sincerely hope that JRuby, Jython and friends will also be viable Java alternatives for you as well. You might even try them out now and see how it goes.