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Analyse Asia – The Firefox Browser & Mobile OS with Gen Kanai

I had the pleasure to sit down with Bernard Leong, host of the Analyse Asia podcast, after my keynote presentation at FOSSASIA 2015. Please enjoy our discussion on Firefox, Firefox OS in Asia and other related topics.

Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong, Episode 22: The Firefox Browser & Mobile OS with Gen Kanai


Mitchell Baker on This Week in Asia podcast

Mitchell was interviewed by Bernard Leong and Daniel Cerventus, two of the hosts of This Week in Asia podcast.

This Week in Asia is a podcast that caters to what’s the hot and interesting news dominating the web and tech landscape in Asia. We focus on the latest news on web and technology space, for example, Internet trends, mobile-web news and social media across Asia (China, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Cambodia, Laos and Middle East).

This Week in Asia Episode 69: Mitchell Baker Mozilla or via iTunes if you prefer that.

Previously Mark Surman has been on TWIA, as well as myself twice, Episode 39, and Episode 13.

Mozilla at Echelon 2010, Singapore

My colleague, Shyam Mani, and I will be at Echelon 2010 this week, which looks to be one of the most exciting Internet events in Asia this year. Over 750 participants from all across Asia, it’s quite an accomplishment and congratulations to the e27 organizers.

I’m speaking about Addons on Tuesday morning, and will be around for the rest of the event gathering feedback from participants and sharing the news about what’s going on at Mozilla with mobile, Firefox 4, etc.

In unrelated news, I’m looking forward to some authentic chicken rice!

Interviewed at This Week In Asia

Bernard Leong and Daniel Cerventus of This Week in Asia interviewed me last week in advance of the Echelon 2010 conference in Singapore on June 1-2.  I will be speaking at Echelon about browser customizations and how they can help startups retain users and grow usage of your website/ webservice.

If you’re going to Echelon, I look forward to seeing you.

This Week in Asia Episode 39: Gen Kanai from Mozilla

I made one error in the interview that I need to clarify.

I said that the Firefox 4 alphas are not yet available. That is incorrect. They are available today as Mozilla Developer Preview (Gecko 1.9.3 alpha).

I got confused between the Firefox for Android builds, which were pre-alpha at the time of the interview but is now available as a nightly build for testing.

Speaking at PopOut! 2007

I will be speaking briefly at the PopOut! 2007 event at Suntec City in Singapore on October 4th. If there are any Mozilla community people in Singapore, I would be happy to meet you at this event. Please leave a comment at this blog if you would be attending PopOut!

The companies that will be presenting at PopOut! 2007 include: