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Mozilla in Indonesia

In a recent post at Ken Kovash’s Blog of Metrics regarding Firefox in Latvia passing 50% market share, Indonesia was ranked at 63% market share. With such a love for Firefox, it’s also great to see that Indonesia has finally had it’s first Mozilla event last month.

Romi Hardiyanto, Mozilla’s localizer for Bahasa Indonesia, led an afternoon of presentations on Add-ons for Mozilla at ITS Surabaya, a university in the second-largest city in Indonesia. Romi has a great write-up of the event, Mozilla Day at ITS, at the brand new Mozilla Indonesia blog.

A photo of the students

The People

HΛniF: Hadits, Now in Firefox

HΛniF Presentation

Photos from the event are available at Romi’s Flickr, Aini-san’s Picasa and Kiki’s Facebook.

I would like to take a moment to thank Romi Hardiyanto, Mozilla’s tireless Bahasa Indonesia localizer for Firefox who, in addition to localizing Firefox for Indonesians, is also working to spread Firefox farther in Indonesia. Thank you Romi!

This event would also not have happened without the support and coordination of Nur’ Aini Rakhmawati of ITS Surabaya who hosted the event. Thank you Aini-san!

Thank you also goes to Mary Colvig who provided support from Marketing/Events.

Since there has been so much interest in Add-ons in Indonesia, we would like to explore the possibility of doing a similar or related Mozilla-focused event in Jakarta later this year, after the launch of Firefox 3.5.  If you would like to have a Mozilla event in Jakarta, please feel free to comment and leave your email so we can contact you.  We are looking for people in Jakarta who would volunteer to help us with some of the organizational work to create such an event.

Here is Romi Hardiyanto’s presentation on Add-ons (in Bahasa Indonesia, not English.)


Here is Kiki Ahmadi‘s presentation on the PureZilla add-on.

Thank you Romi and Aini-san and everyone who made Mozilla’s first event in Indonesia a success!

Romi Hardiyanto

Firefox 3 Hacks (O’Reilly Japan)

O’Reilly Japan will be publishing Firefox 3 Hacks (Amazon Japan), authored completely by Japanese authors including:Firefox 3 Hacks

We’re very lucky to have such active and prolific developers and localizers and authors in Japan. With the previous pocket-guide to Firefox 3, and now this expert’s guide, Japanese Firefox users and developers have a pair of great books to help them enjoy Firefox 3 to it’s fullest.

Emura-san’s blog post about the book has an image of the dust jacket cover which some of you might enjoy: Firefox 3 Hacks 予約可能に.

Flickr Uploader on XULRunner

Jeremy Zawodny has a very nice interview [Flickr Uploadr: Open Source and Powered by XULRunner] with Yahoo! developer Richard Crowley who was responsible for building the new Flickr Uploader on XULRunner (Mozilla’s runtime package which enables anyone to create cross-platform applications.) Richard discusses how Yahoo! looked at both Adobe Air as well as XULRunner and the key differentiators for XULRunner included:

  • linking in outside code (vs. Air which cannot pull in outside libraries)
  • multi-threaded (vs. Air which is single-threaded)
  • extendable (like Firefox is)

Flickr Uploader is available in English, French, traditional Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

For those of you who are interested in XUL or XULRunner, it’s an interesting interview, especially when Richard discusses how there may be a future for user-developed extensions to Flickr Uploader.

Flickr Uploadr 3.0 – on Mozilla

For those of you who use, the popular photo sharing service, the new uploading application, Flickr Uploadr 3.0, is based on Mozilla’s XULrunner platform and is now open source software, as well as being cross-platform, and available in 8 languages (sadly not Japanese, but in Korean and traditional Chinese.)

Mozilla grant to PCF

People who know that Mozilla is a non-profit, public benefit organization sometimes wonder what Mozilla does with the revenue that the organization generates.

Seth Bindernagel explains that recently Mozilla gave a $100,000 grant to the Participatory Culture Foundation, a non-profit that has developed a free and open-source video application that happens to use a lot of Mozilla technologies.

As Seth explains, Mozilla supported PCF with this grant on 3 terms:

1. Their mission to ensure the continued rise of open source & open standards aligns with the Mozilla mission to encourage choice & innovation on the web.
2. They’re building something that can have influence on the way users browse web content, rich media, and desktop UI — and it’s based on Mozilla technology.
3. PCF is another example of that leverage we are looking for…they don’t have any venture backing, they’re running on a very lean budget, and they continue to seek creative resources to make a big difference in the way their users access content on the Web.

Please try Democracy Player– it’s quite an amazing piece of software.

Tokyo Mozilla Developer Day – June 16

On June 16th, Mozilla Japan will be hosting our 2nd Developer Conference in Tokyo, focusing on extensions and add-ons.  We’ve announced it on the Inside Mozilla Japan blog as well. If you are a web developer in Tokyo, please mark your calendar and reserve the date.

Our previous developer conference in December of 2006 attracted over 150 participants (report in Japanese; photos of the event) and was a big success.

Joost beta invites

GigaOM was able to wrangle a site for Joost Beta invites.  If you haven’t tried out Joost (which is based on Gecko and XULRunner) and want to try it, here’s your chance!

eMusic download manager in XUL

Rafe Colburn points us to eMusic’s new download manager 4.0 which is developed in XUL. Other promising new applications built on XUL include Songbird, Joost, and Democracy Player/Miro.