Wowza! That’s a Feature!



Wowza! I found the killer feature in git – you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Every time I’ve had to move to a new VCS, there’s never been enough time available to move the complete history correctly. Linux had this problem in spades when they moved off BitKeeper onto git in a very-short-time.

The solution? Take your time to convert the history correctly (or not, you can correct later), then allow developers who want it to prepend it on their machines, without making their repo “different” from the latest one.

I only found a reference to this feature last Friday – it used to require breaking the warranty, but is not supported as a first class command. More later, but to see how (and create you’re own prepended history), see:

Much thanks to Scott Chacon and his writeup on “git replace” at

As my README shows, I have some more details to learn, but for now, just WOWZA!!!!

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