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Franchesca Ramsey tells it like it is (video)

It’s a problem when tribalism divides us, online and in real life. We can and must do better. The status quo just ain’t working.

In this week’s IRL podcast, Veronica Belmont and Franchesca Ramsey meet the people working to make the web — and the world — friendlier places for you, me and everyone else.

We were so inspired by Franchesca’s words we made a short video. Check it out.

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IRL is an original podcast from Mozilla. For more on the series go to and listen to this week’s episode below.

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  1. Lộc wrote on



    1. Anna wrote on

      Good for WHO???


  2. Anonymous Person wrote on

    I think PC has gone waaaaay to far and anyone that stands on a principal that they believe is true is now all the sudden considered the enemy is completely wrong. Mozilla did just that in the firing of your CEO back in 2014. A very shameful fascist decision form Mozilla. You’ll call his comments hate but his motive was far from hate but from deeply held convictions that humans are conscious beings made in the image of God and God has a higher standard than the whims and selfish tendencies of mankind.


  3. Fio Weaver wrote on

    We used to have family and friends with whom to voice our opinions. Do we need the internet? Or should we re-establish dinner hours and prayer meetings?


  4. Shane wrote on

    Utilise it that makes wat it is 4 u on behalf, wat ever it makes sense or not in your way? Each day and every-where is new day of practice and participation?


  5. Michael Young wrote on

    The Pandora’s Box, the Internet, is open. There’s no way back. No retreating into comforting familiarities. We have to work constructively, make it positive and productive. That won’t be easy …


  6. Mr. A. H. Sait wrote on

    Nice ^ _ ^


  7. stevan terecki wrote on

    zasto da ostavim komentar postavilo ga je anonimno lice a u naslovu vec pise kao da sam vec video .


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