Mozilla Scheduled Downtime – 3/31/2006, 7pm – 9pm PST

We will have a scheduled downtime window this coming Friday from 7pm to 9pm PST. The following changes will take place:

* 7pm PST – Firewall migration. We’ll be moving to new, higher capacity firewalls. 5-10 minutes of downtime is expected. This will effect all services hosted in Meer including most sites, irc, cvs, tinderbox/lxr/bonasi access, bugzilla and images/
* 7:30pm PST – DNS architecture update. This is a continuation of last week’s maintenance to prepare for a redundant DNS infrastructure. We anticipate only about 30 seconds of downtime for sfx, addons and download, but sporadic internal DNS service is possible beyond this timeframe.

Please let me know if you have any reason why we should not proceed with the planned maintenance. Feel free to email if you see issues past the planned downtime.