Reminder: Mozilla Scheduled Downtime – 7/15/2006, 8am – 6pm PDT

Just a friendly reminder of the upcoming maintenance this weekend for our datacenter migration (original notice). Also please keep in mind the following:

* We will be auditing user accounts as we migrate each machine. We will be removing accounts which have not been used or we think are not needed. If this is done in error, please open a ticket and let us know who you are and why you need access to the system.

* Machines will be re-addressed (IP). Please check all scripts and logins to make sure they work after the migration. You may get ssh warnings upon login due to the IP changes.

* Firewall rules have been audited and cleaned up. While we made every effort to maintain all network access needed, we could have missed a rule or deleted something in error. Again, if you feel something has been closed/removed in error, please open a ticket.

All of these changes are meant to enhance security and stability of our systems. Please let us know if have any issues after the move.