Continued AMO testing & debugging

As many of you know, we have attempted to release a new version of addons a few times. With each attempt the webdev team makes incremental & substantial improvements, but we haven’t been able to get the application to a reasonable performance level.

Most of the issue is that we simply have a difficult time reproducing the massive amount of traffic that comes into the site on a daily basis. This, coupled with the complexity of a complete application rewrite, has kept us from formally releasing.

In order help the webdev team better debug and pinpoint the performance issues, we will be periodically switching the production site to new code at low load times to test with real world traffic. The site will be totally functional and these switches should result in no downtime. Once the release is final, we’ll be sure to announce it far and wide.

Thanks again for your continued patience and support – we are all working hard to deliver a quality amo release.